Tuesday, September 20, 2011



  1. A nice unobtrusive chimney it is too. Perhaps Sgt Pluck has been around confiscating taller ones!

  2. What a marvellous sky! Are you sure it's a chimney? It could be me, in a little box, travelling on the clouds till I find a warm, hospitable place where to settle.

  3. Jams,
    now, that would explain why I would always get big skies and little chimneys.
    The more happy I am that you like the tiny thing. You are a true connoisseur of unobtrusive chimneys.

    it could be you?! It could? After Jams' assumption counting two and two together it becomes obvious that Sgt Pluck has confiscated not only the taller chimneys but also the tiny ones.
    Remains but one question: When will you climb out of your box? Hopefully not before the morrow, as now I am going to put my head on the pillow, and thus can't hurry to roll out the red ladder for you.
    The peace of the night (, everybody).

  4. Kind of you to provide a ladder but I never take up to the sky without my parachute...

    Douce nuit!