Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Watching rainbow

Watching rainbow.


  1. How beautiful, Sean. I like the contrast between the distant rainbow and the close up plant.

  2. S.E.? :)
    glad you like what gave me quite a surprise. Did you see the watching flies?

  3. Unfortunately no. I'm viewing from my phone. You can call me Ashley if you like. :)

  4. Flies are such intricate machines, it makes me giddy just to contemplate them sometimes, especially the tiny, tiny ones I can barely see. Such wonders of millennia of refinement, and all for what? To become a carelessly squashed speck that was once a buzzing wonder of mysterious creation? Flies make me sad.

  5. Phew, Ashley,
    on a cellulars screen there's, of course, not much to be seen of flies, hm?
    Great catch. Something like that I thought when checking today's photos.
    Thank you.

    Flies make you sad, Andrew?
    Why? Is it because (y)our DNA by a hair misses to be identical with Drosophyla's?.

  6. Indeed. Their fate is mine.

  7. It was a master shot, Sean. It's a long time since I've seen a rainbow. I don't mind at all that two insects are watching it with me. But, frankly, I don't have much affinity with flies. If they bug me, I'll destroy them.

    I don't hug trees either. Although I'm busy with a group replanting some every year. I never kill spiders mostly because they know how to get rid of flies. And I don't mind a bird eating a worm, and a cat eating a bird. I don't mind Inuits killing seals. It's their food and their way of life. And I don't mind eating a chicken. As long as it's not a pet. Like on Knatolee's farm.

    And if some Aliens decide that I'm juicy enough to be their next meal, they can come down and have my body. They better hurry up though because it's getting quite old and wrinkled. And not very tasty, I'm sure.

    I truly believe that nature recycles itself. Que sera, sera. No dies irae for what will die. Dust we will be dust. And reborn in something else.

    Only my soul is immortal. Don't ever try to deny it. And nobody will ever succeed in destroying my spirit.

    May this rainbow be a beacon of hope in your life, as it is in mine. Et voilà! Cheers!

  8. I can zoom in on my phone. I did so and there were the flies. I also do my photo editing on my phone; not ideal but. . .

  9. Andrew,
    mine? Ours.
    Carpe diem. Time flies.

    to cut a long reply short: Your soul will ... fly ...; and when ours meet we shall enjoy a danse macabre; and only some spectators will understand what we are laughing about ... and why.

    you do have an excellent taste, Mylady.

    ... hahaha ...

    ... I suppose if you happened to be Molly Bloom, once you'd say:
    We're a capital couple,
    are phone and I,
    it brightens the earth,
    I polish the sky.