Monday, September 12, 2011

Faust IV

Sourcerer's apprentice


  1. I'm somehow puzzled. I was waiting for Jam's return from Paris to give me an indication with his comment.

    I love the mystery surrounding the photo. It seems to be the head of a furry animal. I see an eye on the left side. It could be a bird? Because of the word sourcerer I thought of a beaver or castor, building a dam. But I doubt you have them in Germany. I have a beautifully illustrated Faust here (Harry Clarke). It is a fantasmagoric world, and your photo enhances it.

    I enjoyed rereading Goethe. Thank you for the hint.

  2. Claude,
    I am glad Jams is in Paris.

    There is actually not the head of a furred animal; there's no eye that could be a bird. And your doubt's wrong. We do have beavers in Germany.

    And you re-read Faust I and II? Phew! :)

  3. You didn't say what your photo is, Sean?

    My beautiful, illustrated copy of Faust (translated by John Anster) was not a hardship to reread. It probably has been very simplified.

  4. Claude,
    I did not tell what's (not) to be seen, as I thought to post some photos to make it obvious.
    Alas, sometimes I'd feel well, sometimes not; well, and sometimes I do forget about things, and sometimes I am just lazy.

    Well, here we go: It's but a look into the pot in which is slowly boiling what four hours later would have turned into plum butter. :)

  5. I didn't worry that much about what it was...:)

    Presently, on many blogs, the fashion seems to be to present puzzling photos of puzzling objects. So be it!

  6. I read Faust I and II. I loved it, especially Part I. It was a while ago and I've forgotten most of it so it's probably a good time for me to read it again.