Thursday, September 08, 2011

Laughing Lhursday


  1. I like it. Is it a detail of an ornament? Or is it a strange ritual mask that Don QuiScottie makes his squire wear?

  2. If those are the eyes of the little ones who came with the triangle of light then I fear you have nothing to laugh about, dear boy. If, however, they are just somewhat different coloured egg yolks viewed through holes in a meringue, then all is well. These are clearly the only two options, so I wait, and hope.

  3. Jams,
    now, if Don Quiscottie equipped us with such masks, this would certainly make all windmills shudder.

    Not egg yolk Don Andrew,
    but beaten egg white, which in German is called 'Ei-Schnee' (egg-snow). In the afternoon we had a delicious fruitcake.

  4. that the mystery has been revealed, I can only add, "Yummy!" I thought it was a whipped cream mask with two penetrating jellied eyes. Quite handsome!

  5. Claude,
    whipped cream could not cause the same effect. If I don't forget, I'll show you, one of these days.
    The eyes might look "penetrating jelly" for you 'cause of the mixing bowl is yellow.