Sunday, September 18, 2011

Morning Mood


  1. This presentation is pure joy to hear and to watch.

    I hope the German title doesn't have a hidden meaning like your Morricone video.

    I'm not very fond of Peer Gynt, the fellow. But it's certainly an interesting story, well told. In the same collection than Faust, I have Henrik Ibsen's tale, beautifully illustrated by the incredible Arthur Rackham. Of course, Grieg's music is enchanting. Many of his scores (including this one) have been pleasantly arranged for piano. It's always fun to play them.

    I saw a presentation of Peer Gynt in 1995, with Christopher Plummer and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, directed by Michael Lankester. The play had been very simplified but it kept intact the meaning of the story.

    Bringing back good memories again, Sean. And I'm going to reread my Ibsen's copy. Many thanks!

  2. CherryPie,
    it (almost) certainly does.

    no hidden meaning this time. – Is there anything I could hide from you? :)
    Lovely feeling to bring good memories back ...