Thursday, July 03, 2008


There's an essay to be found at God-Free-Morals.
Read it, and dare you not to have your say.

May I ask for your kind attention, please.

Although my esteemed reader latest on reading the title, will easily have detected this is not my style I want to assure:

Only in order to have some piece and quiet I followed ... hm ... an advice - mind you, not obeyed a command) in the comment section to the previous post.


  1. Sean, never mix lighter fluid with sherbert when reading a thesaurus: it wreaks havoc on the synapses and the 'essential inheritent interior essence' invariably strangles the 'root of the kernel of everything' leaving one looking 'de facto' (sic) like a 'tiny redundance'.

    Moreover: verbosity can be frightfully amusing, when one has the facility for it; too often it is merely tediously juvenile. I expect you'll tire of your efforts eventually, and I am happy to indulge you in the meantime, but, in the hope of improving your output, I offer you my advice: Try again but try harder.

  2. Tetrapilotomos,
    How does it come I think to have a déjà vu?
    By the way, as-tu déjà essayé de la camomille?

  3. oi tetrapilotomos, ti coc oen!
    leave sean alone you big bully, who do you think you are to belittle such a kind and gentle man. bad alter ego! as the welsh say, twll dy dîn di!

    lots of love,

  4. Ahem...You there? I left a comment on your friend's post. He is a smart gentleman. He has to approve before my words are printed. I'll be dead by that time....Anyhow I tried!

    BTW, avez-vous déjà essayé de la strychnine?

  5. Chris,
    I fear T. will be delighted. As you might know collecting swearwords is one of his passions.

    Chère Madame Claude,
    oh no, it's enough that Lady Simplissima passed away.
    Always remember:
    Patience is a tree
    the roots of which taste bitter,
    the sweeter, though, its fruits.

    Mind you, patience, not strychnine.

    The peace of the night. :)