Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Counterstatement :)

First thrilling story:

[Tucker Bounds, a] spokesman for Republican presidential candidate John McCain blasted Barack Obama for cancelling plans to visit wounded US soldiers while in Berlin, adding that the Democrat prioritized "throngs of fawning Germans."
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Second thrilling:
A German politician has called on US presidential candidate John McCain to take back disparaging remarks made about Germans by his campaign after Barak Obama visited Berlin last week.
Alexander Graf Lambsdorff wrote that he, and the German public, was surprised and dismayed by the comments, according to the newspaper.

Full article here.

Well, being part of the German public I do herewith declare: Mr Lambsdorff does not speak for me. I am neither surprised, nor dismayed.

Mr. Bounds may have missed the bounds of diplomacy, a tiny bit. So what? A subaltern babbler is truthfully babbling what his would-be-president babbled. It's his job, isn't it?

Does anyone know how often this poor soul is being called a stupid mothertucker?
Human beings sometimes are cruel, and do not care about 'No jokes about names'.

It's interesting to see, however, that Mr. Bounds - and thus Mr McCain - some might say: the disabled doter who'd like to succeed the current criminal cretin - obviously would have prefered a demonstration of 'Anti-U.S.Aism'.

Very interesting, indeed. The German public should remember this, in case Mr. McCain once were to visit Germany.

Oh, did I say that Mr. Tucker Bounds did tell nothing but the truth? I watched the faces of Walter Steinmeier, Klaus Wowereit et. al.
Absolutely euphorized, one could say. Or, near an orgasm.
Mr. Bounds prefered other words.

Thus, to end with Robert Frost:
Go on talking,
but don't take
his style away.
It's his face,
may be no good,
but anyway - his face.

Spake Tetrapilotomos: I'd not be surprised if once in Berlin Mr. Bounds would love collecting wet thongs of euphorized German (wo)men.

That's politics.


  1. I cannot imagine any "fawning" Germans at all, let alone throngs. Enthusiastic possibly. But if you say it true then it must be. Euphorized? Are you trying to outdo our beloved Will, Sean?

    What is that Obama man doing swanning around Europe when he should be at home tending his flock? Does he think he is already President?

  2. Well, the phenomenon is being called 'Obamamania'. :)
    It's understandable in so far, as in Germany no political career would ever fail due to a lack of competence.
    Thus, someone able to speak more than three sentences without 'ehs' and 'hmms' is soon considered an exceptionally gifted rhetorician.

    As said in the other post, at present I do see hype rather than substance.
    If I had to vote, I’d (very probably) not vote for McCain, though.

    As for ‘euphorize’ – I did not know the word did not officially 'exist'. Well, now it does. :)

  3. We're very sorry General L.D.Clay didn't send the German people enough sauerkraut during "Operation Vittles" (Berlin Blockade:June 24,1948-May 11,1949)

    We also should have told Russia to "tear down that wall" sooner.

    Will that do as apologies?

    Yes! Germany drooled over Obama. It was obscene.
    USA asked: What is the Messiah doing overthere? Maybe he will emigrate.
    No! It's Germany who will come over. Already so many are here. More requests than we can fulfill.

    I'm brushing up on my German. Will you help me, dear friend?

    Bonne et douce nuit. :)

  4. "we"? i thought you were canadian dear claudette, which country do represent, the one you live in or the one you were born in? i wonder if in fact you just like being antagonistic.

    and if you're apologising for the USA could i please have a written apology for american remakes of; the italian job, day of the jackal, get carter, the office, etc.

  5. I don't owe anyone the story of my life.

    If you took what I wrote as an American apology, you don't know how to read, god-free morals.

    Antagonism? From which side? This present post is certainly not warm friendship. It took me by surprise. After all, this is where I read, not long ago, about the "Praise of taciturnity."

    Why doesn't it apply to the politics of a foreign country?

  6. claude, don't be so melodramatic. you chose to take it as an insult, when it was only 'banter'. seems you should take reading lessons too.

  7. Oh, I see. While I was mowing the grass, digging up one row potatoes, watering plants and flowers, had a shower afterwards and a delicious little snack, you enjoyed a pleasant conversation. Lovely. :)

    Well, Claude, I am not writing my opinion about General Clay, and what happened sixty years ago, I am now and then writing my opinion about the (war-) criminals who right now are governing the U.S.A..

    If you feel attacked when I do write my opinion about the cretin in the White House and his masters, it's a pity, but your problem.

    My problem is that I need a bit sleep now.
    Thus, Claude, Chris, enjoy yourselves. :)
    The peace of the night.

  8. Sean -

    You mean this young man was not invited by you to "banter" on the comment I had written for you? How rude of him to interfere. I was not interested at all in talking with him. Was this post a public forum?

    But then it also happened 2 days ago. With others. Someone I have never met, with whom I never spoke, explained to you what I meant before I had the time to clarify my thought. How could he know?

    Then another unknown person gave me a positive yes to a doubt I had expressed, not to the whole universe, but to you, in what I thought was your own space.

    Amazing. Strange cyber world. It's not for me. I'm going back to real life, where I can agree and disagree, laugh and cry, question and clarify without uninvited voices interrupting my conversation with a person of my choice.

    À bientôt, peut-être.

  9. Claude,
    as all you have written above does speak for itself - unfortunately not for you, though -, just a short note according the last paragraph.
    I tend to agree: The blogosphere seems to be no good place for you, as it is not impossible there exist a few people who dare to not post your opinions – like me -, and a few people who would address you personally, respectively the comments you have … not been invited to leave.
    Got it?!

    The following I won’t write twice: Either you do very soon change your attitudes, or good riddance!