Sunday, July 20, 2008

Maniacs won't die off

The title does not refer to Messrs. Ahamadinejahd, Berlusconi, Brzezinski, Bush, Cheney, Gadaffi, Hu, McCain, Mugabe, Obama, Pofalla, Putin, any scalpers, masters of Monsanto & Co., members of any sect, secret and/or surveillance service etc. etc..

However, in case any person mentioned above feels fancy to feel addressed by the title: Very welcome.

And in case anybody misses her/his name and/or the name of her/his organisation: Just let me know, and your name will immediately be added.

End of the beforegoing.

Actually, the title does nothing but mirror the dominating thought while I was reading this article.


  1. He sends shivers up my back - if such single-minded focus was placed on developing peace instead of hatred what a paradise we'd live in...

  2. I miss all the head of states who are member of the Arab league...

  3. Ardent,
    and be sure - the next generation of maniacs is already born.
    Which is why, Janice, there will very probably never be a day without violance on this planet.

    sorry about my laziness. The gentlemen are parts of the etc. etc.. :)