Sunday, July 06, 2008

I by Dafydd ap Gwilym

What a weekend. 39 hours ago I intended to write some light-hearted posts, but then, in the deepest den of my heart suddenly the snakes Irony and Sarcasm woke up - or rather were awaken - and since they were darting, trying to lure my fingers to squirt their venom via keyboard into the blogosphere. And no one and nothing able to becalm these creatures.
My quest to withstand the tempters seemed almost lost, when while I was watching her an Irish seagull whispered* to me: Dafydd ap Gwilym.

And immediately both snakes cuddled close, coiled up, fell smilingly asleep, and I knew: It's over - for this time.
Fair seagull on the tide, of a colour indeed
with the snow or the white moon,
your beauty is clear as a piece of the sun,
or a glove of shining crystal salt!
Lightly over the spreading fertile ocean
swiftly the bird flies fishing.
Sea-lily, together we will go,
hand in hand beyond the horizon:
for you are my only letter to her,
pure white and lying like a nun
in the trough of the waves of the sea.
Go where you see the shape of camp and castle,
where the fame of woman is: there will
your fame, my messenger, be spread. 
Look seagull and see,
a maid of light in shining castle,
give her this summons in my words ...
let her choose me!
Go to her now! Let it be she!
With this bold welcome be cunning
with the gentle creature.
Be my fine messenger and tell her
unless I can have her I shall die:
I am her lover and sad is my condition.
O men! Was there ever such a loving!
Did Merlin feel desire hotter,
Taliesin love a lovelier girl?
Mixed yellow grain falling on copper,
excellence on excellence! O seagull
if you see the loveliest human cheek
in christendom .... I tell you
unless I have some kindly word from her,
this girl will be the ending of me!

* :) Yes, dear readers, there do exist whispering seagulls. All you need is silence. :) Well, and a little fantasy. In case you don't believe me, just ask your children ... 


  1. Lovely Poem :-) The Picture makes me think of Jonathon Livingstone Seagull.

  2. Silence admiratif...

  3. Absolutely loved the introduction:- 'lure my fingers to squirt their venom via the keyboard towards the blogsphere.'

    Lovely, this phrase put a big smile on my face.

  4. For you the whispering seagulls. For me the underwater rocks.

  5. a lovely poem
    lovelier is the Irish seagull :)
    Thanks Sean, for sharing this lovely poem and the ssilence afterwards.

  6. and the loveliest is the one who shot this photo

  7. Cherrypie,
    now you mention him: it might, indeed, have been his sister. :)
    Glad you like the poem.

    . . . :)

    having been able to put a smile on your lips is special pleasure.
    And thanks for the discrete hint: so it is 'towards' not 'into'?
    Ah, these prepositions. :)

    PS: Did you already discover a 'new' orchid-species in Hongkong?

    Safe Lady,
    that's what I thought and why I'd not argue with you about certain politicians. :)

    Lord Bigglesworth,
    I hear the seagulls screeching: Ship ahoy! :)

    Anonyma one (I suppose),
    glad your eyes liked what they saw.

    Anonyma not two (I suppose),
    in case I happen to meet the photographer I shall forward your com(pli)ment. :)