Friday, July 11, 2008

Just so

Voilà, in case anybody's interested in what German newspapers focused on in their feuilletons, this week.

I'll focus on my dreams.

The Peace of the Night



    When I leave you
    I do not want to go
    I do not wish to say
    goodnight or goodbye
    I do not want to die
    in your mind, in your heart
    When I leave you.

    When I leave you
    I want my hand to stay
    warm and alive in yours
    I want my smile to shine
    throughout your day
    and my words to linger
    all around you
    when I leave you.

    When I leave you
    you never, never go
    and every face I see
    and every voice I hear
    and everyone I love
    is you, and you, and you
    when I leave you.

    May you have sweet dreams...

  2. Anonyma,
    a bit off topic here, but beautiful, indeed. Thank you. :)

  3. That was an interesting and informative read and was bookmarked.

    Aah - and the Peace of the Night to you too Sean.

  4. Ah, at least one appreciating feedback. Thanks, Janice. :)

    Indeed, I think there are some interesting articles, ... if one is interested.

    The peace of the night*, Mylady.

    It was funny to read yours in the afternoon. :)

  5. Yes! I was off topic. Obviously, I never knew your rules. Simply wanted to say goodby not as drily as a one-word-apology.

    Had to say many goodbyes in my life. It was always painful. Wrote the poem in 1970. It always works for me...

    Best Wishes!

  6. :)
    Where's your ready wit?
    I was sure you'd write: 'This post refered to feuilletons, thus my poem was, off course, not off topic.'

    What about a smile, for a change?

  7. Which wit? Not amused. No smile.

    The American God will forgive me...

    Such a waste of space posting the pain and misery of love betrayed. Only in America, of course. Connected to the White House, of course. It's your blog!

    So much beauty in the world still to discover. Even in America...That's what I'm seeking.

    BTW: Emoticons of happiness following irony have no positive impact on me.