Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mission truthfully accomplished

Isn't it strange that sometimes we would feel embarrassed for people we do not even know? Only this afternoon it happened to me again.
Having un espresso doppio at Vicenco's I was forced to hear a dialogue between two strange looking men who may praise the fact they were another weight category than me.
What they said, was so disgusting that - truth be told - I'd never ever speak about, had there not been a voice speaking to me the other moment: Sean, write it down. Word by word. Share it with the blogosphere!

Well, so be it. This is what I heard:
It is well known that children and drunkards always are telling the truth, isn't it?

No soul that would not know this.

That is why it is hard to understand why the White House would apologize for telling the truth about Silvio Berlusconi, distributed in a press-kit at the so-called G8-summit.

Egads! They apologied for telling the truth?

Aye. Basically they said: Sorry, dear Silvio, for insulting you by telling the truth.

Who said so?

Spokesman Toni Fratto.

Ha ha, Toni Fratto?

Not all descendants from Italian immigrants would work for the US-Mafia.

Well, when you can get a job in the firm of the bigger rival organisation. Anyway, back to the apology. Seems like all alcoholics they did regret the morning after. Why would the White House employ a bunch of alcoholics?

Presidential order? After all, like will to like.

Wait. George Walker Bush does not drink a drop since he had an audience with his god. It's insulting to call him an alcoholic.

Who would doubt that Mr. Bush jr. stopped boozing his brain out of his head after the mission was accomplished. However, it's no insult to call him an alcoholic. Once an alcoholic, forever an alcoholic. Ask your doctor. Your doctor will also be able to tell you that alcoholics use to meet the strangest people in delirium tremens.

In this moment I got up and went home. Can't tell you, dear readers, how embarrassed I felt.


  1. I thought you were with your friend "far from the madding crowd."

  2. I smell a undertone of racism..))

  3. Chère Madame Curieuse,
    bowing in front of you, lifting an imagined bowler: Chapeau! :)

    now you mention it, for a tiny moment the same thought tried to crack the safe wherin I do keep my firm convictions. No chance, of course. Noone - I repeat: noone in the White House was, is and will ever be racist.
    What did you have for breakfast? :)

  4. This is why the Celtic nations are the most honest in the world. No racism there either.

  5. Dear Chris,
    it's nothing but the truth you are telling there.
    Any alcohol-free wine left?
    Might be that I drop in this evening, or tomorrow night. :)