Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Every baby will be delighted

Every German citizen should have the right to vote in national elections, even those under the age of 18, says a group of parliamentarians. They've proposed a law that would allow parents to vote for their children.

In case anyone does feel the wish to continue, voilà, here you are.

As I am determined to spend this day far from the madding crowd I shall not comment on mad crowds' proposals.

There is but one tiny word attracting my attention.

Did your eyes detect it, too?

Right. Every.

And what does every mean? ... Correct: Every.

So, what's the following? ... Rubbish?

Well, I'd not go as far.
Let's agree to that the whole article consequently lacks of sense.

How could any accident like this
ever happen? What's amiss?

Frankly, I don't know, as to my knowledge only the brightest brains would nowadays get offered the chance of trying to become a journalist and, after a 6*-education only the
crème de la crème of these brightest brains would ...

Hm ...

hm ...

why would I suddenly think of the White House?


  1. Age limits are always arbitary, but also necessary. Unless there were to be an intelligence test for eligibility to vote, and in which case I'm afraid these parlimentarians would not be allowed, but let's not go this far.

    Although if it were up to the children of all nations perhaps we might get better governments, with the telly tubbies in charge the UK would definately be a more serious force in the EU.

  2. Sorry, I'm in a hurry, Chris.
    Soon more.

  3. Could lead to people having more children so they get extra votes!