Friday, July 11, 2008

Summits of pleasure

"It was nice to see you", said the deaf to the blind.

"The pleasure's all mine. You were a wonderful listener."

Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


  1. Alas! The human condition...

    The third monkey offers silence.

  2. And I had seriously thought I'd been creative. :)))))

  3. Alas! Everything has been said...

    One's creativity is in one's original way of repeating it. ;-)

  4. Indeed, 'Indonesian blind' or 'Indonesian deaf' what we used to say in the Netherlands.
    As Claude said: there is a third monkey..))


    the full story..)))

  6. Hans,
    I do even have three (wooden) monkeys sitting on one shelf - in front of Fang-chung-chu and near the Chinese philosophers. :)

    And - of course :) - I did not miss reading the 'monkey post'.

    Still, thanks for the link. Readers will appreciate.

    Iyi geceler ve tatli rüyalar. :)

  7. Gandhi kept a small sculpture of them in his pocket. A man of peace... Never had time to conjugate a verb when harm was done upon him.

  8. Chère Madame Claude,
    although I did never see any monkeys in Mr. Gandhi's pocket and never heard him conjugating verbs, I'd not doubt the words of a Québecoise.

  9. I know NOTHING! It's in Vikipedia THE THREE MONKEYS. The first sculpture by the Japanese Jingoro (1594-1630).

    You're the one who whish to conjugate if evil visits you. Good luck! See previous post.

    My past will unravel as we go along. Many, many years behind you so kindly reminded me! Many countries...

  10. Je ne visiterai plus une compatriote qui accepte un message de haine contre ma province sans l'excuser.

    Lower Canada built the country with Upper Canada. Without Québec there would be no Canada. The West has a problem with the East. We don't have a problem with the West.

    I love the country, d'un océan à l'autre.

  11. That's fine, Madame.
    I wonder why you wouldn't write this on your own blog. The world would be delighted.
    Arme-toi de courage!

  12. You're so right! Thank you so much for your patient hospitality.

    All the best for you and yours.

  13. Oh dear, I think Claude was referring to me, but it was my commenters who were unkind to the Québecois, not me. I do not delete comments unless they are abusive or spam. I am sure the first comment was tongue in cheek, from a UK person, although the second was not.

    We sent my daughter to Québec every summer for three years to improve her French which she now teaches and she always did a homestay with perfectly lovely people.

    If you return here to read Claude, if indeed you are the Québecoise who commented on the comments on my post, I hope that you understand that I do not have any anti-Québecois feelings whatsoever.

    I apologize to you Sean, for hijacking your comment section. I tried to follow the commenter on my post but it lead nowhere, like the one here.

    Thank you for another hearty laugh, but I'll leave for my rock now.

  14. Good morning, Madame de Beauxnoms,

    le soleil évolue sur son orbite. It's another day, and I hope you are fine. :)
    It seems when (deliberately) spicing my recent words with a pinch of irony and asperity, there came a bit too much out of the dredger, so that the flavour of the menu got lost. :)
    Actually, I think visiting a blog of Madame de Beauxnoms would be seldom boring. And the more I think about the more I like the idea.

    do I need say there is no reason at all to apologize? ... Whenever dropping in you make me feel my humble dwelling is getting transformed into a castle - and if it were for the higher walls to better transport your lovely laughter.
    Whooaa, what a crooked metapher. :)

    Vive la Vancouver! :)

  15. I apologize!


  16. Err I'll just say good one Sean and leave it at that!

  17. Thanks, Jams. :)
    A blind and a deaf fit into the Scilly season, don't they, Jams?