Monday, July 07, 2008

Surely pure coincidence

Why would a director of a German institute for Turkish studies, Faruk Şen and
Britain's first Muslim Minister, Shahid Malik, within a couple of weeks basically say "The Turks are the new Jews of Germany' respectively "The muslims are the Jews of Britain"?

Pure coincidence?


  1. Off topic unfortunately, lol.

    I was reading your profile and saw the saying about stones swimming and leaves sinking. Never heard that before so I have been trawling round the Internet trying to understand it, and came across a Japanese saying 'Stone float, leaves sink' and it said that it means there are exceptions to every rule. I never knew this before so finding your saying has been one of those serendipities we sometimes experience. I also found a website detailing a performance called 'Stones float, leaves sink, paths cross.' Very nice.
    Incidentally, the link to your page on your profile doesn't work :(

  2. Ginro,
    to start with the end: Your last sentence deserves that at least two pints of plain should be our men, when next time I've crossed the Channel. Thank you. It should work now.
    As for the saying: I stumbled upon it in the past millenium when reading a book with 'Asian pieces of Wisdom'.
    Actually, I do sometimes prefer interpreting it exactly the other way, i.e. in order to emphasize that certain 'things' won't happen.
    Surely it would be a great relief for some people to read it on my tombstone.
    The peace of the night. :)

  3. there is no such thing like coincidence. it is all a part of divine plan. :)

  4. James,
    it's interesting, anyway, isn't it? Now I am curious who will be the next in the league.

    good one! :)