Monday, July 14, 2008

Bitter for Mr. Vitter

As everybody knows 219 years ago a few French stormed the Bastille because they were sick to death of their king and wanted to get what they deserved. 15 years later they got an emperor.
For sure a grand reason for a national holiday.

I could go on and on praising the French and their (sic) revolution*, but ... sorry ... right now I wonder
what has happened to the famous David Vitter, who almost exactly one year ago claimed 'he had asked for and received forgiveness from God and his wife - undoubtedly the greatest story for the past 2020 or even 10.000 years, which the BBC gave away though, by mentioning it in a subordinate clause.

Well, googling 'Vitters, prostitute ring, trial', and voilà ha ha ha ... so ho ho ho rry ... hardly ca ha ha han't write.

Help yourself.

Back? And? Isn't this a most touching photo? And wouldn't you say: Yes, this is undoubtedly an intelligently designed couple?

What I cannot entirely understand: As Mr. Vitters has already received forgiveness by Mr. and Mrs. God - and who would doubt his words? -, why would there be an earthly trial? Isn't God any longer boss in his own country?

*French Revolution: another term for replacing a king by an emperor


  1. Mrs V looks as if she has been propped up there, having died a little earlier or at least zoned out from whatever she has been partaking to make her life with Mr V more tolerable.

  2. In case you didn't know: God is an American...)

  3. jmb,
    my mocking aside: Mrs. Vitter would, of course, have prefered disappearing in a mousehole. I am quite sure it was not her decision to accompany her pious husband.

    the last sentence is refering to this 'fact'. :)

  4. I wonder how long Mrs Vitters will continue to love, honour or obey mr V.

    In this case the bells of weddings will be supplanted by the sound of divorce lawyers going Ker ching!

  5. The look on Mrs. V's face tells me that she is yet to find God.:)

  6. Jams,
    in this case it's probably just a matter of trying to keep up appearances.

    seeking a god is easier, anyway, than trying to become good oneself.

  7. I think the media loves putting out misconstrued sentences to get the public riled up.
    Mrs V should have taken a hike a long time ago - she didn't so I wonder about her agenda....

  8. Janice,
    quite! Plus an interesting question!
    Up til now I'd felt nothing but (a bit) pity for Mr. V.. An interesting question, indeed. :)