Friday, July 04, 2008

I might be out tonight

Ladies and gentlemen,
Bayanlar, Baylar,

Signoras e Signori,

Señoras y Señores,

Mesdames et Messieurs, :)

just to make sure none of you is going to get worried.
In case there's no (other) post tonight, I'll be sitting in Mr. Morrell's virtual dwelling, enjoying a talk about arts, and thus getting my horizon widened.

Whoever feels fancy to join us, is most welcome.

All others who think they have better things to do, I do wish a pleasant start into the weekend :)


  1. I am sorry I couldn't join you. I have had to deal with some local issues! Decorating the house!

    Wishing you a most joyful weekend :-)

  2. Un bon vin Français? ;-)

  3. Cherrypie,
    talking about arts is or at least can be nice and interesting, it definitively does not decorate a house, though.
    In other words: You are not only excused :), I do admit that decorating one's house is very probably more worthwhile.

    Wherewith you became witness of a masterly achievement: An artist attacking himself from behind. :)

    A joyeous weekend to you, too.

  4. I would much rather be talking about the arts than decorating ;-) :-)

  5. Ah, Cherrypie, and I could really need support. They vine is good, but I feel they are joyfully going to pick my arguments to pieces. :))

  6. Did I say vine? It's good French champagne. :) Which makes it a bit easier to bear my debacle. :)

  7. A great pary...but I talked too much!

    Dormez bien.

  8. Ah, no, Claude. On the contrary. I felt you were comparably taciturn, tonight. But yes, good party. :)
    La paix de la nuit!

  9. Jams,
    the bazaar is still open. Would be a pleasure to read what's your perception of arts.