Saturday, July 26, 2008

More hype than substance

I wonder why so many people who live in fear of the pest would be delighted of the cholera.

Didn't they listen to Mr. Obama's speech(es)? Don't they care who are the self-styled (?) saviour's advisors?


  1. Sean, people see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear.

    At the moment they see someone who is fresh, young and good looking. He has an eloquent persona and articulate and persuasive speech.

    Almost a Black Tony Blair.

    All we can do is hope!

  2. I don't think a politician or leader of any kind can SAVE us, but I at least as an African-American am proud of these days. This means a lot of us because of our history. I am not being rude, but you probably cannot relate to this. This is historical and important to us. We don't need people trying to take this away, not now. The cynics just need to be quiet about this for awhile and let it rest whether Obama wins or loses.

    Each individual is going to have to look inward and change themselves for the better for things to get on a better path. That most people can or want to, I doubt it.

  3. Ardent,
    1. sentence: Quite.

    2. sentence: Quite - persuasive, not convincing.

    3. sentence: Quite - although it is not flattering to be named in one breath with Blair.

    4. sentence: Indeed. That's all we can. :)

  4. Welcome, Sincerae.
    before getting much more friendly than you probably - sic! :)))) - seem to expect, I do allow myself to give you the chance to not only call me a cynic, but an arrogant ignorant, too.
    Ask Ardent. She knows that I am not exaggerating when it comes to tell the truth about all defects of my character. :)

    1. Mr. Obama could be a pink (wo)man, agnostic, Muslim, atheist, Jew, worshipper of a dead sardine's head etc. etc., and I'd still ask the questions I asked above.
    So much for my prejudices.

    2. So I can 'probably (!) not relate to this'?
    Far from asking if it's afro-american* arrogance - ah, an amazing arrogant alliteration - which made you write this, I do give a straight answer: Yes, I can! Yes, I can!

    * am I not lovely PC? :)

    Apropos 'can': Can you tell me what Mr. Obama will be going to do in case he becomes President, advised by Mr. Brzezinski & Co.?
    In other wors: When there is no hype, where is the substance?!

    3. So you 'don't need [...]'? 'Cynics just need to [...]?

    This implicates, I must! hm? What? Love Obama? Give peace / Obama a chance? Either you are with Obama, or ...
    Or what?
    And now for something completely different:
    Having read quite a few of your comments here and there in the blogosphere - f.e. it was a nice surprise to read your name at Zeinobia's :) - I can hardly understand why I decided to reply in such a manner.

    As always, there had been myriads of ways to answer your comment. Tonight I decided to do it this way. Probably (sic!) it's due to the fact that the older I get the less time I have to be diplomatic. Anyway, it's part of Omnium. :)

    The peace of the night.

  5. LOL! That was a very different answer than I expected Sean:)

  6. Dear Sincerae,
    I am glad my 'fierce attack' made you laugh.
    Thus, now I can sink into the feathers and dream of Obama saving the world. :)

    Really enjoyed your reaction. Thanks.

  7. I am so at peace now that I have learned to be a political taciturne.;-)

    Bonne et douce nuit.

  8. Claude,
    can you see the corners of my mouth getting pretty close to the ear-lobes?

    Ah, Sincerae, by the way: What did you expect? :)