Sunday, March 01, 2009

David and Sam

As it's still St. David's Day and I happen to think of another David I thought I should share what recently warmed my heart with those who did not already watch what I'll just call The Story of David and Sam.

H/t Colin Campbell and Freeborn John.

And did you see this at Ardent's?


  1. It's incredibly good to see such a caring moment in the midst of the destruction, pain and horror we witnessed during the Australian tragedy. Those firefighters are heroes.

    Ardent's post was also very refreshing, not just for the koala but for my heart. Sometimes, I need to know that some of us can be profoundly human...

    Thank you, Sean and Ardent.

  2. Claudia, that was really a lovely thing you said... As well as the video!

  3. Claudia has said it perfectly.
    It must be most horrible at times what firemen see has happened to wildlife. They are indeed to be commended.

  4. Claudia, Nevin, Janice,

    :) actually, I watched this at least six times. And surely not because my first 'Teddy' was a Koala.
    Thank you all for your kind words.

  5. Yes, this is a lovely story and video, Sean

    Sam the Koala ended up being female ... so Samantha?

    Sam was rescued by David TREE and is being cared in a wildlife sanctuary by Colleen WOOD. Interesting?

    The reason the Koala put her paw into David's hand is because the water was dripping into David's hand. When Sam placed her burnt paw into the soothing water she found some relief, so she left her paw in David's palm.

    The good news is that Sam is being cared for and she now has a boyfriend looking after her also.

    For an update on Sam's story you can visit here.

  6. still living under the youtube ban, cost me a lot of time to watch it through vtunnel..((
    but i rely on you sean..)

  7. I think this just made my day - so glad to read from Ardent that she is being taken care of. Have a great weekend, Wendy

  8. Ardent,
    once again you 'caught' me, when being too lazy to tell details.
    I didn't know yet, though, that Sam's a Samatha! :)
    The names Tree and Wood do, indeed, sound like a nice coincidence.
    Ah, just can repeat myself: What a lovely 'little' episode happening inmidst of the horror.

    it's - repeating your word and again myself - heartwarming, indeed.

    thanks for your relaying on me. Hope after having seen the video you considered all your inconveniences worthwhile.

    glad - but not suprised :) - your heart got warmed.

    right you are!
    Keeping this picture(s) in your mind, it / they might even make more than one good day. :)
    Thanks for your good wishes.
    A poetic weekend to you, too.