Saturday, March 07, 2009

Praise of a 'mad man'

"I only composed one master work, that is the Bolero; unfortunately, there is no music in it", Maurice Ravel once remarked with regard to what is said to have been his master work.

In so far, it had been not consequential if, after the first performance a lady whose name remained unknown cried: "Oh God, a mad man!", the composer had not said she was the only one to understand him, hm?

Well, anyway.

If I told what the Bolero achieves to conjure up whenever I happen to hear its first tone there'd certainly more than one (wo)man understand :) me.

That's why I won't tell.

Instead, I restrict myself to write: Happy birthday, 'mad man'!

And here's ... the Bolero. Enjoy!

... can't get enough? Longing for the finale furioso? :)
Here's Part II:


  1. Bravo, and thank you, Sean. I heard the Bolero very often, but never like this.

    This brilliant(old)maestro, van Karajan, led the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, with minimum gestures, for thirteen minutes of fire, passion and unleashed sensuality. It's an ardent, continuing crescendo bringing the listener to what you call so well a "finale furioso". En somme, the culmination of the act of love. We could say with Hemingway: the earth moved...Un tour de force!

    Carpe diem; tempus fugit.
    We must seize the moment; time flies.
    This is quite a celebration for the 'mad man'.

  2. Glad you like it, Claudia.
    Although I did not like Karajan's personality, he's certainly one of the extraordinary conductors.

    Well, and to your praise of Ravel there's (almost) nothing to add. :)
    Panta rhei.