Saturday, March 07, 2009

Lampposts, ropes and crows

1.) Can you imagine anyone in any country giving her / his signature to any contract concerning anyone's treatment who abused children (or committed any other crime) that would cost UK£290,000?

2) Can anyone explain why (even) I do sometimes see lampposts, ropes and crows?


  1. There is certainly something wrong with the system!!!

  2. We are so powerless in those situations. It makes me cry with a deep sadness for the victims, and with a firing anger at the perpetretors...

  3. Maybe we need Sharia laws: public executions?
    Wrong, under Sharia law phedephelia is allowed..((

  4. 1) Yes. It is better to try and fail than to treat 'justice' as administered by the bullet/sword/rope. I'd rather live in a society that believes in reform and before that reinforcement, but I don't, no one does, perhaps because choice (2) is easier and more satisfying.

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  6. For sure this is a controversial topic. To me, as to anybody else, it causes anger and disbelieve.
    * Bock the Robber doesn’t give a source for his article.
    * He doesn’t say what is being delivered for the amount of money.
    * The death penalty won’t change any problem, indeed it will increase problems.


  7. VLR here is a link to the Scully Case from teh Irish Independent:

    My gut would like the bastard to be swinging from a gibbet and providing a welcome food source for my beloved corvids.

    Needless to say my head prefers him to have a long, miserable life given that attempts to treat him have failed.

  8. Ardent,

    so is it.

    in this very case I thought of those who would certainly not spend such sums for the 'treatment' of a criminal, were it not the money of tax-paying citizens but their's.

    although I have learned to believe nothing :) : I am with you.

    agreed, too, according the death-penalty.
    As for this 'mad' sum: When f.e. hard working nurses or trash collectors want to have some Euro more there's no money, but for the 'treatment' of a child abuser there's no limit? It's utter mockery!

    thanks for the link.

    ... and may I add (to your last paragraph) that I wish them slowly rotting testicles.

  9. Bock,
    as I do think that Bertus (VLR) might not 'come back' to this post and read your your question:
    Be sure he did not intend to attack you. He just asked.