Sunday, March 22, 2009

Say Paganini

Seems to be a classic night, hm?

Voilà, here's Fazil Say, again. Enjoy.


  1. WOW! It rocks! Great pianist. He does wonder with Paganini's theme.

    Thank you for Saturday Night Music, Sean. May we have it again?

  2. Fazil Say is a musical genius ... :)

  3. Claude,
    glad you enjoyed Omnium's 'Saturday Night Music'.

    As for your question: Knowing myself the answer has to be - maybe. Or not. :)

    a heavenly couple are Paganini and Say / one brightens the earth, the other polishs the sky.

    yep! :)

  4. Very jazzy, almost swinging, and technically amazing.

  5. Stan,
    I admire his temperament and virtuosity. Ever watched his hands performing Mozart's 'Turkish March'?

  6. Sean, I just did - thank you! When I learned this piece I used to play around with the rhythm and tempo, but I never took much licence with the notes. Although I prefer the original, Say's interpretation is impressive and interesting.

  7. I just watched him, too. I wouldn't dare improvising on the classics as he does. But I found him vertiginous, and very exciting because of the freedom he takes to interpret and give a new meaning to a well-known composition. Of course, he has the fingers for it. He is so happy playing. He gives me joy...

  8. Stan,
    yes, I tend to stick with the original, too. However, it's just amazing to him playing.

    yes, one can see his joy when performing. And - at least it happens to me - this joy jumps over.