Thursday, March 19, 2009

A hint as subtle as ...*

Ladies, gentlemen, friends,

may I attract your attention to The Wife of Bath.

I had forgotten to press the publish button the other day; and - as it would 'sound' strange to read on the 19th a 'yesterday' refering to the 15th, hm? :) - I decided to keep the chronological order.

Hence this subtle hint.

* feel free to insert the metaphor of your choice. :)


  1. "A hint as subtle as...*"

    a nudge on the back.
    a kick on the shin.
    a flirtatious wink.
    a Machiavellian tactic.

    Whatever...It worked. Reading Chaucer with delight!

  2. So you took me literally, Claude.
    24 readers folling your example we'll have 100 options to choose from. :)

    It's an amazing 'tale', isn't it; as if written for the 21st century.

  3. I'm sure you were not at loss for words, Sean.:)

    But it was fun to complete your sentence. And I could have found a few more...After all you are dealing with one of the sisters of the Wife of Bath. She had more than one tricks up her sleeve, y'know? Never safe to challenge a woman.:)


  4. Claude,
    who am I to doubt your words, when Google would give me 32.200.000 hits for 'as subtle as'? :))

    As for the very wife and her sisters: This is a very delicate matter, last not least as it contains of ... men.

    Now, there are millions of - insert the adjective(s) of your choice :) - men;
    and millions of - insert the adjective(s) of your choice :) - women.

    Sad. Very sad. Very very sad.

    And still ... sometimes ... there's an ... understanding.

    Sometimes it does not even need words.

    Would you agree? :)

  5. I would guess that none of my "subtle as..." were offered by Google. :)))

    As for the rest of your reply, I agree that very few words are needed for understanding. Actually "the mouth that speaks not is sweet to hear". Therefore, let us 'praise taciturnity'!

    From now on, on this subject, :-X
    :) :) :)

  6. I'm back to give you credit for your excellent post (July 23,08):
    "Binn béal'na chomhnuidhe."

    I should put it on practice more often...:)))
    And now, as I said, :-X (my lips are sealed.)
    :) :)

    From Claude