Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Pubs' Day

As it's the same procedure as last year, rather than writing a lenghty post I can prepare myself mentally for what I shall whisper to my first 'only man' tonight.

So, here's Tetrapilotomos' 17th-of-March-opening-groaner, to which* - in my borderless clemency as always I contributed the 'stupid questions'.

Tiny tip: To give yourself the thrilling illusion of reading Omnium's Breaking News!, all you have to do while reading is, replacing 'Wednesday' by Thursday.

In a minute or so, I shall receive a message like this one.

That's it. May the snakes bite me, if I tried
to keep my esteemed Irish readers any longer away from the magic spirits.

In this sense: A nice (pub-?)crawl, everybody!

May the black magic source never run dry, may your landlord's drawing-power never weaken.



  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day Sean! May the force of Guinness and Green be with you... :)

  2. St. Patrick bewitched you!.)

  3. Nevin,
    thank you! :) Slainte!

    beware, no! Bewitched I am rather by the Black Magic of those lovely pints of plain and the powers of uisce beatha.
    Gnídh tart tart.
    [Thirst produces thirst] :)

  4. Sean; I see, you grow up in the sixties..))!
    Btw, me is still talking in ancient Greek with Christos, and ouzo helps as well..and software/)!
    St.P.D. in New York...how about Munich in October..I will book a hotel for 4.)

  5. Hans,
    that is certainly not the worst idea you ever had. :) Do you think we'd survive the Oktoberfest?

  6. Thank you, Ardent. It was.
    Despite twaddling a lot about Guinness and uisce beatha, valiant Sean fell absolutely sober into the feather, though, not even a tiny drop of magic liquids in his venes. :)

  7. Hello Sean, belated Happy Paddy's Day to you and yours! I hope the occasion passed well in your neck of the woods.

  8. It did, Stan. Thank you for both your good wishes and the idiom. Much appreciated.

  9. CherryPie,
    what are 24 hours compared to three months? Thanks a lot.

    Still can't comment on your site. Same with Colin and Superhero.
    Probably I should write a post describing the phenomenon; someone might be able to help.

    So, until soon, Mylady ... whenever soon will be ... :)

  10. Ah Sadly a pint of plain was not on my agenda this St Paddy's Day,, Maybe next tear.. or Bloomsday, or Flann Day!

  11. Ah, Jams,
    welcome back!
    I've to confess that although in my reply to the not wife's message I had promised to have one pint of plain for you, I didn't.
    Will you forgive my soberness? :)

    April 1st seems an ideal date to make the next promise, indeed.

    Thus, get soon and swiftly back on your feet, Jams.

  12. Maybe I do need to change to WordPress after all. I do get a little tempted sometime, because I love the look of my serious blog which is on WordPress!

    Now I wonder if Blogger will sensor this comment because I have mentioned, their rival ;-)

  13. [Only Two months later]

    Oh, CherryPie, you are really going to switch over to wordpress? :)