Saturday, March 07, 2009

Plaidoyer pour l'art

Three years earlier born than Maurice Ravel, on March 7th, 1872 his fate was to become a painter: Piet Mondrian.

Do I (particularly) 'love' this kind of art?


Why would I mention him then?

To attract your attention to an impressive post by A Doubtful Egg.

He's written a wonderful plaidoyer pour l'art.

Take your time. You'll regret rien. :)


  1. Actually, Sean, I'm rather fond of Mondrian's minimalist period. It gives me a feeling of peace after I look at my space invaded by useless, ugly clutter.

    I've already enjoyed immensely Double Egg's "Plaidoyer pour l'art." I just wish I could remove the long comments I added to his eloquent post. He certainly spoke well of something dear to my heart.

  2. I love Mondrian's work, but regret that my main exposure to it is through books rather than in the flesh (so to speak). Someday I must save up my pennies and do an art tour of Europe (and maybe the world) seeing as many masterpieces as I can. But there are so many...
    Thanks for bringing him to my mind on this wet evening, Sean!
    (And I very much enjoyed reading your long comments, Claudia...)

  3. Claudia,
    well, as for your second paragraph my reply could not surpass DE's. :)

    As for Mondrian: Just by chance I realized that it was not only Ravel's birthday, but his, too.
    So I took the 'wiki'-photo, added in a trace of self-irony I 'don't particularly like' Mondrian's and set the long intended link to DE's excellent post.
    After all, when I don't particularly like something, it can be still art, hm? :)

  4. D.E.,
    haha, sorry. Mentioning you twice in my reply to Claudia I did obviously think I had anwered your's, already.

    The more I wish you will soon wake up to find always one penny more in your pocket than you would need for a (world-)'tour d'art.
    Will put in a word for you when next time re-meeting the fairy and the leprechaun.

  5. Great article in many aspects of the word. It is strange that somebody like this Parsons guy has been given space in a serious newspaper to say these boaring and very unwise (to say the least) things. I've heard these arguments all my life and they are always uttered by people who are not interested in art whatsoever. They want a nice landscape on the wall, a quasi sexy gipsy girl or a blue eyed child with tears on its cheeks. Well it's up to them to like that. But let them stay out of the discussion about what other people like and love.


  6. PS
    And b.t.w. my home town of The Hague has a very good collection of Mondrian paintings in the Gemeentemuseum (Municipal Museum). Be welcome here!


  7. Dear Bertus,
    thank you very much, for both your words and the link. Your opinion means much to me, as I am rather than an expert just a 'lover of art(s)'.
    As I did just recommend DE's post, and therefore it is he who deserves the compliment, may I ask you to leave some lines on his blog?
    I am sure DE would appreciate your supporting words very much.

    Again, thank you, Bertus. And who knows? One day we all will meet in the Gemeentemuseum ... :)