Monday, March 23, 2009

When authorities have no authority

Within less than seven minutes, in February German TV-vievers this feature of Limerick learnt (a lot), for instance this:

With 1 (in words: one) boat the Irish custom authorities [by the way, an interesting word,
authorities] is determined to control 6,000 kilometres coast.

Confiscating cocain amounting to 500 million Euro is thought to be one tenth of the total amount that's being smuggled.

You will see a member of the so-called Dundan Clan (Jimmy Collins), brashly giving an interview, boasting about that 'police can't stop us'.

Obviously, as there happen more murder per capita than in any other town in Europe.

You will see the coffin of Shane Geoghegan who was 'accidently' murdered.

To learn more I commend to read Bock the Robber's posts and their echoes in the comment-section(s).

You will see a lawyer saying "They {the police] don't know who is going to get killed next. The clans are very powerful." The homes of people who would go to police and make an accuse use to be burnt out and their families terrorised. "Its better to keep one's mouth closed than to end up in a grave."

What a shame.

PS: While writing this I hear that the Russian mafia has ousted the German pimps in most German cities, that their bosses f.e. in Berlin are celebrating in Five star SUPERIOR (sic!) hotels with their worldwide 'business partners'; that politicians in Europe and especially in Germany do not underestimate this threat, but just don't have any clue what's going on.

Now, if that's not comforting. The decent people of Limerick don't stand alone.

Good night, and good luck.


  1. I did like one of the commenters remark: 10 years for every citizen with a gun...

  2. How can the Russian Mafia oust the German mafia? The Russian mafia must be really scary animals.

    But the police really do not care who is running the mafia providing that they get their cut. The police are willing to just look the other way.

    It is better to keep one's mouth shut. I know that I would not get involved.

    Not too long ago some informers in Australia were shot dead in their own home who were under police protection. They were going to give evidence in a drug case. Can you guess who shot them? After months of investigation it turns out it was the police who were protecting them.

  3. Sean

    There are not more murders per capita than every other town in Europe.

    Limerick is a very small town and even one murder can push the murder rate up by a significant amount.

    The murder rate in Limerick is 7 per 100,000. but the population is only 50,000. With such a small population, the murder figures are not statistically useful. A very small number of killings can create a completely distorted picture, and that is what was done with these figures.

    If an American or European city had 3 or 4 murders in a year, usually among criminals, the police would be very happy.

  4. Most killings in the Netherlands, and that are not that much, are on the conto of the Russian mafia, who ousted the Yugaslavian mafia.)!
    Dont think that the Dutch are so lovely, but they prefer moneylaundering, art robbery, drugs smuggling..))

  5. Hans,
    those eight words you are quoting caused many thoughts. Too many to put them into one short reply.
    I shall try to sort them out and then this topic, i.e. guns, gun control etc. will get a post of its own.
    Thank you. Much appreciated!

    And as for your second comment: I love it! :)

    alone the fact you chose to focus on another aspect shows the complexity of the matter.
    Thank you.
    As he is a fine example, I shall quote the great human being Vladimir 'Ras' Putin: Refering to the Chechen he once slobbered: 'We shall squelch these animals/critters/vermin'.
    I think it's not nice to call certain human beings rats, pigs, etc.. It's not fair against the animals. :)
    Nor I think it's wise, fair and helpful to generalise. [Mind you, I am often running the risk of giving in to this very temptation, myself.)
    Having said this: Like with the 'answer' to Hans' comment I need a bit time.
    Finally (for now), re your last paragraph: Call me lazy :), but is it possible to provide me (us) with a link?

    thanks for that!
    You are right. That's a poor figure.
    Unfortunately, many journalists - often, even though knowing it's delusive, to say the least - do not withdraw the temptation of dramatising, and thus would choose such flawed comparisons.

    Just thinking of that there are two women living in this house. Given my mother-in-law beat me up because I'd not have a proper excuse, one might read in the local newspaper: In this house 50 percent of the women beat up 100 percent of the men.

  6. That's right Sean. If you lived in a village of 100 people where there was one murder, the rate would be 1,000 murders per 100,000. That would make it the murder capital of the world.

  7. Bock,
    you put it much better than this maltreator of the English language could do. Thanks.
    I do love statistics. :)

  8. The information you requested is as follows:

    The two people who were murdered were Terence and Christine Hodson.

    Recently charged for their murders was a former Victoria Police detective, Paul Noel Dale.


  9. Thank you very much, Ardent.
    Interesting, indeed.

    Re the first link: For what legal reasons, two versions of this program were screened – one in Victoria, the other throughout the rest of Australia?

  10. Often if there is a trial going on or the murderers have not been captured, then a program cannot provide evidence that can influence future jurors.

    The crime was committed in Victoria, so the trial of any suspect regarding the murders of these people would be trialed in Victoria with Victorian Jurors. So the program must be very careful not to provide evidence or opinion that may influence future jurors and inadvertently jeopardize the rights of the criminal.

  11. Ardent,
    (late) thanks for explaining.
    Sometimes 'journalists' would behave like some of those contemporaries sitting over their fifth pint at the regular's table - prejudging without having all facts, or by even twisting those 'facts'.

    Manipulating the 'public' (or trying so) is worse, though, and much more dangerous than the rants of (pub-)politicians, -judges and -philosophers who - and here we are coming full circle - often would just repeat what they 'learnt' in their daily tabloid.