Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Impossible Fact (Variation 02)

This morning while in fact busy with proofreading his 1669-pages-work "Pre-assyrian philately in a Nutshell" my closest friend Tetrapilotomos out of the blue declaimed following poem.
Listening I had a déjà vu.

Not only did it sound to me like a variation on a poem by Christian Morgenstern, but this time also as but a tiny variation on a poem by a certain McSeanagall.

Anyway, here it is:
The Impossible Fact

BiffO, used to rule and live in clover,
walking in the wrong direction
at a busy intersection
is run over.

"How," he says, his mood restoring
but without his wrath ignoring,
"can an accident like this
ever happen? What's amiss?

"Did RTE's administration
fail in free speech's deprivation?
Did police ignore the need
for reducing bloggers' speed?

"Isn't there a prohibition,
barring internet transmission
of a mighty to a wight?
Were the nasty bloggers right?"

Tightly swathed in dampened tissues
he explores the legal issues,
and his lackeys soon make clear:
Free speech not permitted here!

Thus BiffO comes to the conclusion:
His mishap was an illusion,
for, he reasons pointedly,
that which must not, can not be.
© McSeanagall

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  1. Wow Sean, you are in a post-rage...not used to see 2 entries a day here..)!
    More thinking.(

  2. Ah bravo Sean. Please continue to stick the boot in!

  3. This is one case where: the more said, the better. The various, creative forms of your indignation certainly keep the tragi-comedy from becoming a disappearing act. Politicians abusing power always hope that yesterday's vile actions will fall into limbo. Biffo totally misunderstood the international artistic solidarity.

  4. Haha, Hans,
    hardly can't understand, myself.

    I'll ask Tetrapilotomos to forward your kind words to McSeanagall.

    I am still hesitating with categorizing the 'whole thing'; presently I tend to rather call it a farce.

  5. Admirable and amusing adaptations, Sean! From Morgenstern through yourself and McSeanagall, to the Irish and those elsewhere: international solidarity indeed.

    This nasty blogger also called it a farce.

  6. What shall I write, Stan? That's a great and surprising nightly compliment. Thank you very much!

  7. But this will insult Palmström lovers... And you know how easily insulted people are these days!


  8. Blimey, Bertus!
    Fortunately at 02:00 a.m. the time jumps, and thus I shall have one sleepless hour less tonight ...:)