Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Taoiseach's New Clothes

Recently Jams O'Donnell Esq. exhibited artist Uglow's euphemising painting of an ugly woman (photo above). Would any Bobby have interfered? No. Neither has the painting been confiscated, nor's an investigation into the matter under way. Well, the English police might have other things to do.

Same with the German physicist who would unfortunately give up her job in order to become Chancellor.
Neither has the police confiscated umteen millions of euphe
mising Barbie-Angelas nor any other more realistic art work.

One might wonder what (other things), but anyway, like the English police the German police seem to have other things to do.

Not so the Irish police. They have
- as everybody knows - absolutely nothing to do except of calming down the enthusiasm of the plain Irish people when it comes to celebrate their beloved leaders' altruism and wisdom.
Well, another evidence you might draw from yesterday's post.

Which is why today the BBC could tell the rest of the world that, apparently alarmed by the authorities (sic) of the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin* there is an investigation [...] under way, according the provenience of two paintings that for lack of knowing its official title I tend to introduce as The Taoiseach's New Clothes.

Glad to learn the Irish police after all seem to feel they have something worthwhile to do, after clicking the 'publish'-button I shall start to count my Zimbabwian Dollars, as I am determined to buy the 'The Taoiseach's New Clothes' which happened to be found gracing a wall of the toilet inside the National Gallery.

* Interesting, by the way, to have a glimpse at the BBC's url: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/northern_ireland/7960997.stm


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  1. Woderful eh? Personally I think Cowan is sexy and should be proud to be seen tackle out in a portrait!

  2. It's glorious, Jams!
    There are T-shirts on the way, and A3-posters may grace the lampposts of the emerald island.

    Head over D.E. and follow - for a beginning - his links.
    Later on, you'll find a nice little round-up here.

  3. Yes, when it comes to investigating crooked politicians or dodgy bankers, the State is toothless, but paint a (not particularly explicit or offensive) nude portrait of our Great Leader, and the State is capable of moving with lightning speed. The funniest aspect of this is the charge of showing disrespect to the Office of Taoiseach. I mean, how can the office be worthy of any kind of respect after Charles "Don Charleone" Haughey and Bertie "whingers should commit suicide" Ahern, the King of the Dig-Outs?

  4. Quite, D.E.!

    Although, I have to admit that this comment made me almost choke:
    "This nonsense is evidence that the class in Fianna Fail died with Haughey.
    The Squire would not have condoned this petty attack on RTE. He’d have bought the paintings. And then had the artist assasinated because paintings by dead painters appreciate in value. He knew his art did the late Squire."

    Hilarious, would you agree?