Sunday, March 01, 2009

Personal note

Ladies, gentlemen, friends,

it's not that I'd not answer your comments. Google does not let me!

Neither I can comment on my own blog nor on many others.

Slightly strange. Hope this will end soon.

With burning patience,




  1. Just a thought - it could be that a setting has changed on your computer.

  2. Did you contact your provider? Not that I know what I am doing, when it comes to computers, half the time.... but it sounds like some kind of a problem with your provider.... :) Good luck!

  3. [Sorry for repling so late]

    indeed, I did change my comment settings.
    Result: It seems (!) that your comment-setting which had before been mine as well, is the reason for 'my' trouble.

    as written above: It seems to be rather a problem with the 'new setting' that was praised as an 'improvement'. :)
    Thank you very much for your kind thoughts, though.

  4. So what is really important is... Are you able to comment now? xx

  5. CheryPie,
    at least on none bloggers's site who'd have the same comment-setting as you have.
    As said: When clicking (on your site) 'select', then 'Google' and f.e. (show) 'Preview' everything written would disappear.
    Very, very strange. Hm. At least for me. :)
    After changing my settings (which before had (at least I think so) been the same as yours) it seems that at least on my blog I am able to comment.