Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Except of the title ...

... this BBC documentary is quite well done.

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  1. Dear Sean, even through VTunnel I can not watch what you uploaded here.(

  2. Fascinating documentary!

    Dr. Temple Gradin is an amazing personally. It goes to show, everyone has incredible abilities inside. The only requirement is to discover our passion and pursue it.

  3. Woma who thinks lie a cow? I have not ehard of that documentary. I will ahve to watch!

  4. Hans,
    it's a shame for the world's leading super power Turkey, isn't it?

    I start to worry how the most honourable Mr. Gül would be able to kill the time in his prison cell, without youtube. :)

    quite, and - (sometimes) we'd need people to discover of what we are not aware, ourselves; and then to encourage us to develop those (hidden) talents.

    it's worth watching. Quite sure you won't regret.

  5. I just finished re-watching the documentary. I don't know what to say. Dr. Grandin is so movingly inspiring. She's giving me the courage to revise my life, and do better in the few years I have left.

  6. Claudia,
    (as you know), sometimes I am not the fastest when it comes to replying on comments. Looking on the bright side, my long delay could be taken as a 311-days-long nodding to your second sentence. :)

    Like it would sometimes happen, despite - or because of? - so many thoughts were humming in my head, I did not know how to express those thoughts both densed and in proper English.
    Anyway, I'd not have posted the evry documentary, had I not been (deeply) impressed, myself, hm? :)

    Ah, and as almost one year has passed by [No teasing! : Looking back, would you say you did something better than you would have done before?