Thursday, December 03, 2009

Essay on the universal validity of tolerance

Thank you very much for your attention.


  1. Well here is what I think about that:


  2. I cannot remember a time when not only an Essay, but also a first comment, dazzled me by their sheer brilliance.

    Thank you, Sean and Andrew, not only for convincing me of, but also for helping me to practice tolerance. At least, towards your verbosity...:)

  3. hmmm.... after such an articulate post, I feel myself dumb-founded!

  4. Dear Andrew,
    deep in my heart I knew there doesn't fit an autumnal leaf between both your opinion and mine.

    Ah, and I just loved the aspect you added - straight to the point.

    the essayist is humbly bowing, the more as once again one could see the difference between a native speaker and a dilettante.

    don't feel intimitated, my dear. You will see, once when Andrew and I will have grown 20, 30 years older, re-reading this very post you will find how easy it is.

  5. "Andrew 20 to 30 years older" Sean? I think you mean "dead". Not sure if :-( or :-) is appropriate so I will send both.

  6. Ah, Andrew.
    And I thought - and still think - of in fifty years or so, when via blogging we'll have got a bit acquainted, to ask you and Mrs S. to join us when in 2081 we'll do what Mrs. J. decided last year (2008): having a trip to the Baltic Sea to watch the next eclipse.
    We shall be 128 then. No doubt it will be great fun, the more as our mother will be accompanying us.
    By the way, we'll have some spring chickens around us. Jams O'Donnell Esq. already asked if we'd mind him and the not wife tagging along, and promised that, although by then only 118 respectively 117 and thus whippersnappers, both they would behave.

    thank you, Mylady. That means a lot to me. :)

  7. Would your mother appreciate a lady companion, near her age range? I've looked in my notebook, and I don't have other engagements around that period. Fifty years should give me plenty of time to learn a bit of German, and to refresh my nursing knowledge, in case of overwrought reactions in the group while watching the eclipse. Please, let me know as soon as possible. Thank you, sweet, very sweet friend.:)

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  9. Unfortunately when I am 128 years old I have a prior appointment to be largely distributed between various specimen jars in the anatomy department of the University of Dundee. I've signed the papers for that particular retirement home so I doubt if I can get out of it now. However, do please come and visit what's left of me if you can. Just don't expect much of a cheery greeting though.

  10. I have studied this essay at considerable and painstaking length, but I can find no fault with it. To even attempt to argue against it would be an exercise in futility.