Friday, December 11, 2009

Pictures Reframed


  1. Thank you, Sean.:) This is quite an interesting new way to present old classical music. But I would need to listen to a bit more to see if I really understand what they are trying to achieve.

    I didn't know Leaf Ove Andsnes. I spent a lovely hour, on YouTube, listening to him play my favourite pieces. The problem I have, after his brilliant performance, is daring to go to the piano and play them myself! All my flaws are glaring! Ah! well...I try!

  2. 1.) Do I need repeating what once I told in my profile?
    2.) I tried to find 'a bit more', something more about their project, but that was- so far - all I found on youtube.
    3.) There will - almost :) - always be artists who are better.
    Almost always!
    No reason to give up, hm? :)

    So: Play. Play, Claude. Play, play, play. Flaws?
    And if it were to one daqy realizing your imperfectness is part of Omnium :)

    Well :) who am I trying to tell you what you do know (probably) much better than I do? :)