Saturday, December 05, 2009

Frying the shammers

Oscar Wilde would have been delighted. Perhaps he is?

For those few who would not know Stephen Fry.

And here his blog which is - although not listed among them :) - seldom boring.


  1. A bit boring. Both debaters miss essential points, and (to my mind and ears) lack power of conviction.

    All the flaws of organised religions (any of them). All the flaws of all organised institutions using, or rejecting, the name of God. Also all the flaws of each one of us. Tell me, who has ever reached perfection?

    I met wonderful people in every category. Starting by my mother and father, strong believers. And, last, going to a dearest friend, who died, denying the existence of a soul.

    I would not waste one minute defending, or accusing, one side, or another. My own truth is all that matters, all that is necessary for me to breath in and out. I would never want to impose it on another human being. And nobody could ever take it away from me.


  2. Nevin,
    did you read his 'Making History'?

    ... and unlike Wilde he can say it.

    1. like for you it sounds boring, for me he said nothing new;
    2. you know my essential thoughts.

    Thus, it is not us who have to discuss.
    Just ask those boys who had to please their dear fathers with heavenly blows.
    Not to forget the dear mothers ...

    Ask those hundreds of thousands, ... ah: those millions who suffered in variousways, those who were abused.
    And then ... then! ..., Claudia, we may start a discussion ... that leads to nothing.

    The Peace of the Night! :)

  3. We wouldn't have a discussion, Sean. It would be a conversation where we would exchange similar viewpoints about the horrifying sins of the Church.

    I felt that Mr.Fry didn't go far enough. I felt that the only defense, the lady could have had, was to name a few decent people (like my parents) who managed to retain and practice an inherent goodness, in spite of their attendance to the Church services.

    But it's not the only place where shammers have used the name of God to commit evil. And many non-religious, non-believers commit evil, pretending to do good. That's what I was trying to say.

    As for my own personal belief, not attached to any church, or organisation, I expect it to be respected, as I respect the unbelief of others. It has nothing at all to do with intelligence. It's a question of faith. For me, it's a gift. I don't defend it. I don't impose it. It sustains me. I'm grateful

    Douce nuit, mon ami.:)

  4. Claudia,
    if my English were as good as in moments of megalomania I think my German is we would discover there do not many leaves fit between our's opinions.

    In less words: I do agree.

    This does not imply we'd find to find lots of compromises. :)

  5. And we would find the compromises, dear Sean. Love is miraculous! Sweet dreams.:)