Thursday, December 24, 2009

I am sure! Am I?

Yes, to the question I have sometimes been asked.
This agnostic will be enjoying the days to come.
Given Christ would be the very one he is said to be;
and given you believe what you have been told:
Are you sure he would our preparations for what we call Christmas not call Christmess?

We do not need any god to know that it is go(o)d to be go(o)d to one another.

Yes. We bought a (killed) tree.
Ah, and again having the privilege to do the washing up when the ladies of the house are baking all those most delicious cookies!

Talking we are, joking we are, listening to one another we are, washing up I am. :)

And not seldom I would hear: Ah, Sean/Popoye, why would you think to need reminding us of so drastically of what happens in this world?

And, despite feeling guilty for spoiling their happiness, I'd say: 'Just to remind us of that we are very lucky.'

Not always - and how good I can understand - they would appreciate my words.

But for sure: I do appreciate their (hands') work.


I do like - almost I had written: I love - our annual rituals.
And still, like last year: My 'Merry Christmas' post will not fill your hearts with joy.
It would not be my intention, anyway.

Having written this: Enjoy the togetherness with those you love. Be kind to one another. Very probably, any sign of kindness - may it be some sparkling eyes, a (very) kiss, a tender hug - well, you know what I mean, hm? :) - will be appreciated; more than any (expensive) present.

I am sure!

Am I?


  1. One does not need to be a believer to enjoy fine food, drinks, companionship, conversation and laughter.

    Enjoy the festive season Sean. Kisses and hugs to you, Mrs J and your lovely daughter.

  2. Good food, good drink, good company all add uop to a good time! Happy Christmas Sean

  3. You have made my mouth water... That is not fair!!!

    Have a wonderful day.... :)

  4. Magnificent! The cookies, and your kind wishes that we spread love around us.

    As you mention His name, allow me to say I'm very sure that Christ, who reads in our hearts, would totally approve of your thoughts, and of your ladies'activities during His season.

    Knowing in advance (by your last year's posts) that the bounty of your table will be shared with many good people in your area. Also knowing that tonight, or tomorrow, you will remind us, here, that less privileged people might die of starvation at the same moment we're sitting at the table for our Turkey dinner.

    Amazingly, I worry a lot less at Christmas than at other moments about this. It seems that the world (everywhere) becomes very generous about feeding someone on that day. That it doesn't yet have found a way to do it the next day, and after, is certainly a cause for shame and concern. Hence my wish that Christmas' loving celebration and generous spirit spread its wings to everyday of the New Year.

    With many thanks, dear Sean, for always reminding us of what we have, and of what is lacking elsewhere. May your words encourage us to raise our voices, and to demand positive actions from the world's leadership.

    With much love to you, and yours. And to everyone who visits Omnium.

  5. :)Dear Sean, I've already said many words, but let me add a few. It never puts me off to hear from friends that they're agnostics. You're right: People don't need a god to tell them that it's good to be good to people. It has been my long life experience that I have met more decent people among unbelievers than among loudly proclaimed believers. God has always surprised me by the quality people He has put on my road. It's an honour to know you. All the best to you. Always.

  6. Sean, that looks great! Have a good Christmas! Never mind you bothering us about all wrongs in the world.
    I've just quit working for two decades in the human rights business, so i'll probably need it.

    Compliments for those cookies!


  7. My computer's acting up, so I need to keep this brief: best of the season to you and yours, and may it be a safe and peaceful one.

  8. Dear all,
    thank you so much for your kind words and wishes.
    My good thoughts are with you.

    Hopefully more in 48 hours.
    Until then.
    Have a good time.

  9. I hope you enjoy your day, I love all the traditions too :-)

  10. Those wonderful Christmas goodies are making my mouth water.

    Whether one believes or not the traditions associated with this season seem to exist in every household so enjoy them. Celebrate with your friends and family.

    Marry Christmas Sean.

  11. All those look so delicious and fun to make! I would love to do the same if I could have a bit more time... Yes, I envy you :)

    Merry Christmas!

  12. CherryPie, jmb,
    I (we) thoroughly enjoyed, thank you. And I hope you and yours did so, too.

    Witchie of the Stars,
    while observing the stars one could easily forget about space and time. :)
    Don't envy me, then. Just take the time. It is there.
    Moreover, it is yours!
    All you need is deciding what to do with the time you are allowed to spend on this planet. :)

    Thanks for your kind wishes.