Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sorry, I am reading


  1. Have a great read Sean. And the very best whishes to you and yours for the new year!


  2. :)Sean, thank you for mentioning the book you're reading. By what I could see, on the internet, it looks fascinating. I'll try to borrow it from the library as soon as possible. Considering it's five books in one, I should probably buy it, and take time to enjoy it slowly.

    Hope it's translated in French. When I cannot read the original language, I prefer mine to English. Are you reading it in German? How did you hear about this writer? He's written so much in his short life. I'm dazzled, and also very sad that he's gone at 50.

  3. Jams,
    Thank you. I do.

    if not a 'great' at least it is a very interesting read.
    Thank you so much for your good wishes, my friend. And Gelukkig nieuwjaar! to you.

    As you mention 'five books in one': Another evidence how (sometimes) the last will of an author is being respected.
    If I were the author I'd rotate in my grave grave and say: 'Fuck the publisher(s), fuck my stupid family!'

    As for me, the reader, it is, of course, nice to get 'five books in one translated into German'; it saves me at least 20/30 Euro. ...