Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Planet of Peace

Well, ... and as I came to know that coincidentally friends of mine only the other day were on a Holst-trip ...



  1. Ahh.. a jolly morning jaunt. The participants seemed to enjoy it too.

  2. Exactly what I thought, Stan. After watching the exuberant performance of Seiji and the (mostly) young musicians, I called the piece Planet of Fun. Though your title, Sean, truly appeals to me following your previously somber, doomsday post.:)

    Ozawa was with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra from 1965 to 1970. I never missed a concert, and managed to shake hand with him a few times. No, he won't remember me! But he very nicely spoke a few words of French to the enthusiastic young lady I was in those days.

    Will I ever write a two-line perfect, succint comment? I don't think enthusiastic old ladies can, dear Sean.:)

  3. I missed the c in succinct...a word which will never describe my fifty to one hundred-line comments!

  4. Claudia: The world would be a less interesting place without your fifty to one hundred-line comments! Thank you for a lovely story. (And as a story, it is quite succinct.)

  5. Dear all,
    glad you appreciated what is noise-related. :)

    trying to find back too my good old taciturnity, I do just echo Stan. :)