Saturday, December 12, 2009

Too late, man!

Extremely exhausted

from watching Mrs J. digging and setting various bulbs

I intended to take a tiny nap, but ...

... alas!


  1. Watching us humans do our crazy stuff is always exhausting for a pussy cat!

  2. I am sure you will be as equally exhausted when watching the bulbs flower in the spring :-)

  3. According to Tolkien, a wizard arrives precisely when he means to. The same could be said for cats. Your cat, Sean, might just have the greenest eyes I have ever seen.

    I like the comic timing in this post, especially being wrong-footed by the opening words and photo.

  4. I think it's a question of entitlement, Sean. :)

  5. No snow in your neck of the woods I see.... :(

    I am waiting for white new years....

  6. Jams,
    you mean more exhausting than for me watching Mrs J. pegging away, for the cat was exhausting to watch me watching Mrs J.?

    ah, don't mention spring, Mylady. Hardly can wait. :)

    you mean she's Gandalf in disguise? I shall keep my grey green eyes on this.

    As for the timing and the first photo: Caught!
    You see, I came too late for her digging, as I was standing on the ladder cropping the apple tree.

    I fear, you are right. Not seldom, in the very moment I start think to take a seat here or lay down there, in the next moment I'd have to realise the very chair respectively sofa has been occupied, and the cat would look "you-are-not-entitled-like'.
    Well, who knows?
    Tomorrow morning I shall sound things out by addressing her as Gandalf.

    well, 19 days left till New Year's Day. So, there's still hope.
    As it has become frosty we might, though, get snow earlier.
    Not that I'd keep my fingers crossed. :)