Sunday, December 06, 2009

For all ?expref=next-blog visitors

Oh! You are just dropping by? Via ?expref=next-blog? Gosh! How boring?! Hm?! :)

Right you are. Surf on in peace, and may you find more interesting a blog. :)

... Well, and now nothing about Afghanistan, nothing about obvious liars ands shammers; nothing about Blackwater, nothing about idiots who call themselves either left or right; nothing about idiots who call themselves muslims, christians, jews, hindus - ha ha ha ha ha, did I forget any?; nothing about ...

Ah! No child abused. No woman raped. No man raped or raping himself.

No politician, no cleric lying, no scientist cheating ... for whatever reason.

Here's just a simple sunset:

Enjoy. Forget about those who love war; forget about those who just can't afford to watch; forget about those who deep in their heart can't appreciate such trivial things like a sunset. Just forget those you will (probably) never come to know. Enjoy your life!

Isn't it wonderful?! I've found ... nah!! ... taken the leisure to write this; you have taken the time to read this - really??? ha ha ha.

Anyway. May you not get raped. May you have enough to drink and to eat. May no one surpress you.

Don't worry. Be happy.

The peace of the night.


  1. :) This splendid sunset can give peace and wings to a burdened spirit. Thank you for sharing it, Sean. It's now, right next to me, on the wall. A shiny moment to alleviate the grayness of the season, of the city, and of the world.

  2. Lovely picture. It made me wonder... can a sunset be distinguished from a sunrise just by looking at it? It's interesting how if you look at a sunset, but think sunrise, the feelings induced can change, and vice-versa for looking at a sunrise but thinking sunset. Might have to set up a picture puzzle and see if people can tell.

  3. I love your sunset Sean. It is the peace of the creuscule in advance of that of the night...

  4. your photo looks like a painting.... how fragile and beautiful life is, when one knows how to capture those moments....

    thank you my dear.... :)

  5. A lovely post, to match a beautiful silhouette and skyline. Andrew's question is interesting; I wonder if this has been investigated.

    As Flann wrote, "it was apparent to me that the twilight of the night was coming on the day of morning".

  6. It has been investigated Stan. If you have samples from the same location on the same day you can usually tell because the morning air is colder and has fewer particulates (smog, moisture, etc) so the morning light is clearer, less diffused, less red. But just given samples without knowing the location, or time of year, it is not so easy. In principle of course, if the temperature and particulate levels are the same, then the effects are indistinguishable for sunset and sunrise (unless you know what direction the camera is pointing, of course :)

  7. I very beautiful sunset. I recognise it as such because I don't do mornings ;-)

  8. Claudia,
    if someone would paint those sunsets we are getting these days one, I'd probably tend to think: What a kitsch.
    Glad you like the photo dispite a tiny malheur (see at Nevin's).

    Thank you. An interesting question you're rising.
    Although our astro physicist once explained it to me, I am quite sure that in a set of, let's say, 20 sunrise and 20 sunset photos I could not 100 percent distinguish what's what.

    it's beautiful, hm?
    Sometimes I do ask myself whether we need to be in the right mood to appreciate the beauty of a sunrise/sunset, or if their beauty does affect our senses/feelings/mood.

    thanky you for your kind words.
    That the photo looks like a painting is due to a mishap while converting; and when noticing it I was too lazy for an exchange. :)

    the walnut tree makes a difference, doesn't it?
    Actually, I was and still am not sure whether less words would have been much better.
    I am often surprised that when watching / experiencing / feeling something beautiful, at the same time I'd come to think of some human('s) behaviour that causes so much misery.
    Well, and vice versa.

    because I don't do mornings.
    That made me chuckle. Glorious. Thank you. :)