Saturday, December 19, 2009

Universal dialogue

Human masters: Globally, temperature must not exceed 2°C!

Universe: ...


  1. Universe: Zut to you, human species! I functioned long before you came. Don't try to boss me around. You don't have a clue. Get out if you don't like it. Bonne chance et Adieu! I'll function long after you're gone.

  2. Universe: Eh... 2 degrees C is rather cold... I think you may mean the RISE from current levels must not exceed 2 degrees; but I am going to take your request as final, so get your warm clothes out, turning down to 2 degrees now...

  3. I've enjoyed all the universes' answers so far, including Sean's elliptical invitation, which works as an answer in itself.

    Part of the problem seems to be too many hot heads and cold hearts in dangerous places.

  4. Claudia,
    or: the dogs are barking, the moon walks on. :)

    I shall not comment this!
    Mrs J. did, though.
    [Looking over my shoulder]: 'Nice, for a change, to see Master Nitpick being hoisted with his own petard. [And off she went, happily giggling].

    indeed, the three dots were/are thought to represent silence / ignorance.
    That they could be taken as an invitation (to fill the space), I only realised when reading Claudia's and Andrew's comments.
    Ah, Punctuation - fascinating a realm.

    As for the hot heads and the cold hearts in dangerous places: Yes.
    And any place can turn out to be dangerous.
    Imagine, 193 individuals in one house. There is but one TV, offering 193 programs ...