Friday, March 21, 2008

Experiment failed

Trial and error.

I thought I could easily write about 15, 20 subjects within a couple of hours.

I failed.

Still, I think I'll forgive myself and sleep well.

Hope you will, too. :)

The Peace of the Night.


  1. I'm so glad. I nearly choked to death on my coffee when I read the last post LOL. Have a good sleep Sir Sean.

  2. Excellent effort Sean!

    The experiment was a success for me. I took great pleasure in reading them. :)

  3. So my failure at least had one positive effect, Lady Janice. :)

    Do I need say it's a delight to have you following me throughout this mess? Great pleasure! Merci.

    ... and I do like to imagine a serenely ironic smile on you lips, when writing these lines. :) Thank you.

    if the prototype of a polite woman had to be created you ought to be the ideal. :)
    Thanks a lot, dear friend down under.