Monday, March 31, 2008

How to avoid a fight


Hat tip to The Poor Mouth.
By the way, despite yesterday's little indisposedness, Jams would have 'fought off' 25 sweet dwarfish sunshines. Seems both we are bugbears of not the lowest order.

Well, that's, of course, but dull theory. There is no such battle to happen, even in case the gang of dwarfs called their giant brothers via mobile for help.

All I need say: Come on you boys, let's first conjugate fight.
And off they run, screaming in panic.
Ask my nephews.


  1. Not bad for a seanachie, SH. Together with your magic skills of narrative power we are virtually invincible. :)

  2. I answsered as honestly as I could and received a score of 10.

    I am a bit worried Sean that you can knock up 28.

    Now the quiz did not differentiate. Does that mean 28 male 5 year olds or 28 female 5 year olds?

    Male and Female 5 year olds have different skill and determination.

  3. Ardent,
    I was surprised not to say shocked by the result, myself. Still, it makes me feel safer, more confident, and surely tonight I shall sleep better than ever. :)

    So you don't think girls can be fierce fighters? :) I remember our daughter winning five judo-fights within altogether 46 seconds. Well, she was nine then.

    As for your result: You scored three more than Lady Limoncello! :)

    Oh well. To you and all naughty little teasers: The Peace of the Night. :)

  4. 10 here too. I'd be more worried about 15 year old's than 5 year olds :)
    I like your solution though LOL

  5. Conjugations Sean? That is a fate too awful to contemplate!

  6. there was this movie called "children of the corn" or something like that. and kids were going wild and killing all their parents. i remember one scene in which a man was trying to run on a street with one of his legs severelt hurt and there were little kids who were following and attacking him, and he was hitting them hard. that man scored like 40.

  7. ha - i was a twenty :)
    strange - i have a pending post on the theme of childhood fights
    (if i'd known then ......)

  8. worryingly i scored 33, does this mean i'm a sociopath? i mean it's not like i go around looking for children to beat up, but if they were to spill my pint...

  9. Lady Janice,
    well done. As for the young heroes around 15: As they'd never stumbled upon 'conjugate fight' in one of their computer games, they'd surely concider it a brand-new secret extreme martial arts. Thus, our future leaders' illiteracy offers at least a tiny chance to survive the prognosticated 'battle of geneartions'. :)

    it's indeed the most appropriate self-defense technic in these times. :)

    there seem to be horrible films publicly available in Turkey. The more I do appreciate they could not ruin your virtuous character. :)
    40 is, of course, a terrific score.

    welcome! :)
    20 plus the power of poetry: How could you ever get in trouble?
    And now I am looking forward to your 'childhood fights'.

    33 sounds almost unsurpassable!!
    I told the lady in our village's kindergarden. With sparkling eyes she spontaneously decided where the kids will (have to) spend their summer holiday ... :)

  10. I scored 3...There's nothing to say. I'm desperately helpless, hopeless, defenseless.

  11. Three???
    This would imply you were thin as a rake, Madame Désespérée.
    No, no, rather I think you are a master of several martial arts, but don't wish to talk about.
    In case you are really ein Strich in der Landschaft (German idiom, meaning a dash in the countryside), and thus desperately helpless, hopeless, defenseless. The technique described above ('Let's conjugate fight') is very effective.
    In case you miss an offer to personally help you: Well, the prudent Sean would not gackle before Tetrapilotomos had not installed the wormhole.