Saturday, March 15, 2008

On the Ides of March ...

... 2054 years after Caesar rattled "You, too, my son Brutus?", 92 years after Austria-Hungary declared war to Portugal, 82 years after the first telephone-line between London and Berlin started to work, 52 years after the first performance of "My Fair Lady" in New York and on the 101st Birthday of Zarah Leander who once sang "Ich weiß, es wirrrd einmal ein Wunnn...derrrrr gescheh'n ..." (I know there will once happen a wonder ...) ...

... I went down in history by not falling off the ladder when being busy in garden. :)

Oh yes, and in Modica Lady Limoncello posted her 1000th 'articulo'.

What a day!


  1. Many thanks, Sean. I'm glad you didn't fall off your ladder!

  2. Glad you are glad, Welsh. So, there are already two people in the universe being glad that I'd not fall of the ladder. :))))

  3. Not falling off a ladder? Truly it is an age of wonder, Sean!

  4. Amongst all the serious things of this day, two happy delights. My Fair Lady and La Limoncello entertaining us still.
    Oh, and of course you resisting falling off the ladder. How fortuitous. Was there a chance of it?

  5. Jams,
    When politicians at the end of any conference could announce, 'This is a historic day', I thought it's high time to lay my claims for an entry in the Books of History, too.

    nothing against 'My Fair Lady', but reading La Limoncello's adventures in the post office for me are far a bigger delight.
    Could I have fallen off the ladder? Si no. :) Actually, I did just feel like a bit daffing around.

  6. Daffing around? How is it I learn a new colloquial English expression here? I'm still not totally sure what it means and google is no help. You are no 3 in the search! I am guessing goofing around but chissà?

  7. Oops, jmb.
    my dictionary offered as translation for the German word '(herum)blödeln 'to daff' - (chiefly) Scottish - and 'to fool around', and I opted for 'daffing', as I thought it's nicer than 'fooling around'.
    Ha, when dilettants are trying to write English. :)))

    Thanks for telling, dear friend.

  8. As always, you keep me on my toes. The truth is speakers of a second language actually study it, whereas native speakers seldom do. I learned more about English grammar through studying Italian grammar for so many years. Not mastered sadly, but studied.

  9. jmb,
    it's still possible that my combining daff(ing) with around was 'unusual', not to say wrong. :)
    I'll ask Colin and/or some other Scots.