Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jams

As regularly readers do know, The Poor Mouth and Omnium have quite a few in common. And so have Jams O'Donnell (photo) and I.

There is but one tiny difference: Jams is exactly 20 years younger than John Major, and this will always remain, which is remarkable, but ... I shall always remain 28 years younger than Maggie Thatcher. :)

Hm, or is it rather another kind of coincidence?

To cut a long story short: Today Jams has become as young as I became nine years ago, which means he is now exactly one sixth younger than I am, which will - and herein I do find a great comfort - not remain. :)

In this spirit: Happy birthday, Jams!

My present for you: The legendary bicycle,

and my favourite Irish blessing:

May the devil not catch you before I shoot you!

I am looking forward us together celebrating your 104th! :)


  1. Does this mean that your birthday is October 13th? Or am I confused by this train of thought?

    My mother-in-law lived to 104, just shy of 105. She was born the same week as the Queen Mother and outlasted her.

  2. Aww thanks Sean! Ans such a wonderful present. I am slightly afeared that siad bicycle may be 50% Jeating. In which case Sergeant Pluck will have to confiscate it!

    I hasten to add that several pints of plain were my only man last night!

  3. jmb,
    your deduction does not lack of razor-sharp accuracy. :)

    Ah, and as for what you're telling about your mother-in-law: I loved to read it!! Did she also not spit into the gin tonic? :)

    you are welcome, my friend, the more as your words teach me there is still a certain amount of last night's plain being part of the Omnium which is your body. :)
    And as for fighting your only man so gallantly, you do undoubtedly deserve the hangover, I did spontaneously decide to offer you a special cup of coffee not before next Tuesday.

    Ah, no. Say nothing, my friend. I do know anyway that you know to appreciate this tiny gesture of friendship. :)

    As for Sgt. Pluck: Give me one night pondering about to avoid the confiscation.

  4. JMB, you are a very smart lady. You worked out these guys.

    I was feeling they might have a love of association for Conservative politicians who have previously occupied Downing Street.