Monday, March 10, 2008

When magic strikes

the woman of the south & the man from the north
will have united in love for eternity,
and have become one in flesh and spirit,
the children of Lir, who have been transformed
into swans by Aife, will be redeemed ...'


  1. Only metaphorically I hope. :)

    Finicking aside, glad you like it.
    And I'd not be surprised, were you a woman of the south. :)

  2. Jams,
    both we know it is easily said, 'glad you like it'.
    I am glad you like it. Yes!
    And why would I like it? Me who is almost always insisting on that he'd be 'absolutely logic'?
    Hm, I do just like to read (some) of those legends ... again an again.

    And therefore, again: Glad you like it, too. :)

  3. Lovely photo, Sean. It makes me wonder what it's like to be a swan, looking at another swan!

  4. Very moving story...

    The graceful elegance of swans has inspired memorable music from Tchaikovsky, Ravel and Debussy. I wonder now if they had heard the tale.

  5. Stan,
    Thank you. And: Yes! Nice idea to get transformed in a swan - for a couple of hours.

    lovely, isn't it?
    As for the mentioned gentlemen: certainly they will have heard of Leda. :)