Monday, March 17, 2008

Rush to Croagh Patrick

A minute ago, Tetrapilotomos sent following photo and comment.

Seems your early afternoon post caused a spontaneous exodus. Bars and pubs empty. Traffic jam on all major roads to Mayo. The first topers ... err ... pilgrims arrived at 13:20. In five-minute-intervals RTE's repeating following message, sponsored by the Guinness Brewery and Bushmill's: 'People of Ireland: Return to your pubs. His Holiness will not be serving free Guinness and uisce beatha on top of Croagh Patrick.' Nobody seems to listen ...


  1. Happy St Patrick's Day, Sean, if you are celebrating it, besides a slew of posts that is.

    No green drinks here today. Perhaps green vegetables will qualify instead?

    I must wait until November for St Andrew's day myself.

  2. Cheers, jmb! Why waiting till November? :)
    I can even promise: No green drinks here!! When it comes to Guinness and Whisk(e)y we are purists.
    Hm, well, Mrs J. and Miss J. do prefer their Guinness with black currant.
    And you? :)

  3. Hurrah, Ardent put on her blogging hat, again! :)
    Welcome back, Mylady, thanks and Sláinte!

  4. Thank you Sean. With that kind of lovely reception, I am seriously thinking of making your blogsite my computer homepage.

  5. hi sean, i suppose you didn't hear that his popeness moved st paddy's to coincide with the welsh winning the grand slam, and a grand time was had by all celts (even morose scots like me).

  6. Ardent,
    my site is your castle! :)

    :) Really?! Well, I am quite sure the Irish Bishops did what they thought it had to be done, unfallibly - for a change - knowing that not many members of their herd would take their 'move' serious.
    Thus, Saturday I enjoyed the Welsh winning, and yesterday I enjoyed having a bit fun.

  7. I prefer my Guinness in someone else's glass for I am astemia as they say in Italian, that is teetotal, but the Italian word is so much nicer. Teetotal sounds so..., well almost disapproving of alcohol, which I am not. Can you believe that Italians actually have a word for it?

  8. jmb,
    :) so it's not you who made the Guinness family rich?
    As for 'astemia': the English 'abstainer' (verb: to abstain) seems to have the same roots, as has the German 'Abstinenzler'.
    As for teetotaler (German: Temperenzler): I looked it up and, indeed, it seems there does not exist an Italian equivalent. :)

  9. I used to celebrate St P. day while living in the USA. Now in Turkey...completely forget it...
    But I am happy with my Turkish Efes Extra beer, the best beer in the saying a Dutch of the country of Heineken, Amstel and 500 other beers..))