Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wordy Wednesday II

Do I need say my 'seldom boring' favourite bloggers are worth daily visits? Thus, it's a bit difficult to pick one of their postings for a 'Wordy Wednesday' to recommend reading it; the more as I wish to at least now and then introduce you to 'other' bloggers who are both on my blogline and seldom boring, whom I'd not have asked my 'question of courtesy', yet. :)

May today's 'top ten' find your interest; and, please: In case whenever what you are going to read is able to provoke a thought - don't be as 'bloody lazy' as I am. Write down your thought(s); leave a comment. :)

Here we go:

- Antipasti, anyone? Help yourself. :)

- Now you back, starched by the Sicilian viands Lady Limoncello is generously offering her visitors when she and Simi are not living adventures at the post office or kissing the driver of the water lorry - that is, in case he comes; not sure either Simi would kiss him :) ...

- ... you will have the required energy to read lots of 'stuff' you will find here.
Stop!! :) Before you are heading off, one big request: Please read thoroughly, don't miss the comments, and please, follow the links offered by James, especially the one to the Flying Rodent, who will get another commendation, later on.
:) Hm, I think this should do for now. Thus, I shall not give you all links necessary to take fully delight in the comment of the blogosphere's politest 'Anon'. :)

- Amongst many excellent postings by Jams O'Donnell who, by the way, is not 'just' seldom boring but a 'natural part of Omnium', as you will be easily able to understand by reading his profile :) , I chose this one.
It's about what once the Olympic idea was about. And immediately many many pictures in my mind. Only to mention two: Abebe Bikila winning the Rome Marathon (1960) on his bare feet; and Eddy 'the Eagle' who would have won Gold in Calgary (1988), had the competition been cancelled after the first starter of the second heat had safely landed. :)

- Ardent chose a topic letting my blood boil whenever it comes / is brought to my mind, which is why I did here not yet focus on it. No introduction. But I can tell you I am writing this with my clenched fists.

- Hey, hey, Sean, what's about something light, for a change, I hear you sigh. :) All right.
Here's another tale 'my' Turkish Seanachie, the inimitable Super Hero via keyboard let flow into the blogosphere. I am glad at least the fish was good. :)

And now, may I introduce you to the most recent 'part of Omnium'? It's a Lady who's Drinking the Moon , able to express in but a few words wherefore an ordinary mortal like me would mostly need at least fifty sentences. :)

Thanks for the precious gem you found
in the realm of letters, Lady Janice. :)

- Internation Musing will let your inner peace pidgeon start cooing with delight when reading what some extraordinary pious protagonists of the most peaceful religion to find in all known galaxies and those galaxies yet to discover recently asked their humble and decent followers to do in order to transform this planet into an oasis of love and harmony.

- According to one of my maximes (Audiatur et altera pars) now you will get 'two in one'. One event, two opinions. Voilà: Here is the Flying Rodent with what he calls an Incredibly unpopular opinion (please do not miss to follow his updated link!!); and here an Egyptian Lady on the same event from her point of view.

Last not least quasi a belated thanks to Chris who would not have known that I took this very post as an antedated birthday present. Over listening several times I forgot telling him then. :)

And here we are again: Sean the lazy commenter. Thus, follow my commendations but not my example. :)

Above all, enjoy!

The Peace of the Night.


  1. Sir Sean you have an eclectic group of blogger friends - I spent much time reading these wonderful blogs the other day and only now realized I never commented. Thank you for the wonderful endorsement of my blog. :)

  2. Once again I enjoyed your Wordy Wednesday links.
    Thanks Sean.

  3. Thank you, Sean. I so appreciate that. Lots of love to you and yours from Sicily from Simi and me. Pace. x

  4. Haben Sie ein vergnügliches Wochenende ...

    JUst followed you back from Deogolwulf. :)

  5. Lady Janice,



    Many roads lead to Omnium. :)

    Euch allen ein vergnügliches Wochenende ... :)

  6. Janice is our local treasure. She was gone for a while but now is back and we are very grateful. Her series on trees in the woods was truly wonderful, maybe it still is going, I'll have to check.

    I think Jams is a treasure too, he has the most eclectic posts and is never boring.

  7. Welcome back from your tremendous trip, jmb. :)
    I enjoyed accompanying you via your blog, but was ... err ... a bit too lazy for commenting. Will try to improve.
    As for what you write according both the female and the male J.: D'accord. :)