Thursday, March 20, 2008

'Noble' criminals

Yes, yes, I do remember.

Today, five years ago the first 'noble' bombs fell on Bagdad.

'Shock and awe.'


Let me anticipate you do have all information I had during the past nine years.

It spares me repeating millions of words.

I'd like to say so much, though.

I won't!

Only this.

Bush, bin Laden et. al. are one side of the medal.

Cheney et. al. are the third (sic) side of the medal.

I wish these gentlemen will become 2003 years old, suffering from their testicles rotting off. - And I mean it. I mean it with all my heart!


Just to make sure: Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Pearle (please continue page 112) are (war-) criminals.

Nothing against soldiers. They are useful idiots. Example: Mr. McCain.

This does not mean I do expect any better in case Mrs. Clinton were going to enter the oral office (sic), or Mr. Obama with his adviser Brzezinski.

By the way, (latest) in case polls were 'telling' one of the so-called Democrats might be winning, I'd not be surprised if there were a new war (guess where) initiated*, as 'one does not change the horse during war times'.

* no! No! There will never (!) be an outbreak of war. A war would always (!) be instigated.


  1. I believe Rumsfeld was and is a very dangerous man - the rest are war criminals I agree but Rumsfeld is pure evil.

  2. Extremely serious subject Sean, but the post was very amusing.

    I had a good laugh at your point about Mr McCain. John Kerry was also was a soldier, but he was not an idiot like McCain.

    I cannot understand why the American public has a preoccupation with warmongers? Why do they elect them?

  3. Janice,
    very probably you are right.
    The German Kabarettist Dieter Hildebrandt once said refering to German politics: "In this country no career would ever fail of incompetence."
    An aphorism of universal validity.

    militaries would not be amused when finding Tucholsky being quoted here: "Soldiers are potential muderers."
    As for your question(s): Frankly, I do not know.
    I think it was Shaw who once provocatively wrote: 99 percent of the people should not be allowed to vote.

  4. Shaw would probably say,"Hurry Sean, go and vote, you enlightened 1 percent!"

    Très malheureuse...Say a few words on 9/11. Will you say we deserved it, us, evil Americans? We elect warmongers. We bomb innocent people. Saddam was a saint who did not harbor terrorrists.

    Did we start WW2? You were dying until we arrived. France was gone. Tell me, did we bomb Pearl Harbor?

    Who killed people in London recently, in Spain? The only country that will be able to help you if you're invaded is USA. Yes, us, war criminals. Pray that the idiot John McCain is elected, and strong enough to resist terrorism.

    But you don't pray. You let the gods take care of things.

    Erase my statement if you wish. But remember I wrote it. I'm not a brainless troll who has been brainwashed. I'm a bright, thinking person. I can analyze a political situation as well as I do Art. I see where real evil is. I'm proud that my country is fighting it. God bless America.

  5. Je regrette ma colère très spontanée. Je ne visiterai plus jamais un blog sans avoir examiné TOUS les articles. You avez certainement droit à vos opinions. C'est votre domaine. Je m'y suis imposée...Pardonnez-moi.

  6. Before leaving you, let me introduce you to a "potential muderer", my brother, the kindest man you would ever meet. A young man who interrupted his law school to go and save Europe in WW2. He was away 5 years, fought in Berlin and on the Beaches of Normandy to deliver France. Came back a Captain. Finished his law school, became a lawyer, but also stayed in the army, rose to the rank of Colonel. Always ready to defend, not only his country but, any other country who would be attacked. Including yours, Sir.
    He is gone now. RIP, brave soldier.

    BTW, I'm 75. I cried every night when he was in Europe, fearing that he would be killed. He deserves a salute. All soldiers do!