Thursday, March 20, 2008

Experimental speed-blogging

What's this then?


Well, as the title says: an experiment.

I shall be writing and posting fast tonight, as the thoughts come; not caring about typos, not looking up my dictionaries in order to - hopefully :) - find the proper word, trusting upon that those who have (virtually) come to 'know' me (a little) better will leniently smile, ...
... and perhaps even you who's just stumbling upon this site.

So let's go. Without filtres.

Hm, yes - one filtre will be on!

But that - a spontaneous decision :) - is already worth a post of its own.

Anticipating a question:

Why would you run the risk to make an exhibition of yourself?

Answer: Is there a risk? :)

In other words: Critizise my thoughts, negatively and/or posively. Correct my mistakes. Do whatever you wish. Your opinion is highly appreciated, the more when you do it in a friendly manner. :)

In this sense (as Robert Frost once said):

Go on talking
but don't take my style away,
it's my face - may be not good,
but anyway,
my face.


  1. Oh my gosh! Google reader went from 2 to 6 just like that! Are you bored tonight Sir Sean?
    I must check the rest of the experiment ...

  2. This is a good exercise Sean.

    Here goes my comment: You spelt positively incorrectly.
    I love looking at your face.

  3. :) What a pleasure for the mirrors of my soul; welcome Lady Janice!
    As for your question: I am not / did not feel bored. Rahter I felt like a volcano. :)

    you'd like what you see. :)
    Actually, I built in this tiny lapse in order to test the level of attention you'd pay reading this post.
    Err ... no: This was my hidden easter egg for you, in order to make you happy by finding it.

    No! :) Do you start to sense, why Mrs. J would state (now and then) the devil did never beat me, if I were to be his grandma, as I'd always find an excuse? :)

    Hm, well, after all and to cut it short: It was positively a slip of the keyboard. :)))))