Thursday, March 20, 2008

Two simple poems

I do remember our daughter asking in February 2003: "Do you think one million poems plus your's will change anything?"

What a wise young woman.

My answer: I could sit in front of the teli, watching the tales of Mr. Bush et. al., chips in one hand, bottle of beer in the other, muttering indecent words, and I'd change nothing. And I could write a poem.
It will change nothing, either. But at least I shall not have kept silent.

These were my second and my third poem I ever wrote in English:

[As an answer to Mr. Bush saying: 'Either you are with us or against us.'

New World Order


pleading for peace
without diplomacy
are being taught:
You are an enemy.

And the second, refering to '"Enduring Freedom":

Enduring Peace

or: The Whore of war"


Once upon a time
- not in the years of Babel, though, -

a puppet said with oily voice:
"I am a peace-loving person"

and offered "World"this choice:

"Either you are with us, or you are against us."

pushing forward to
the inmost inner
of the roots of the core,
united peace-lovers
found a visionary lore:
Short after unweaponed "World"
embraced the whore of war.

"World" would need no ...

... no; no ...: would HAVE no
enemies anymore!

As, some years later:

Goodman Death knocks:
"The game is over!"

The puppet’s life flees,

and so does the masters'
And 'World says: R.i.P.!

The rest is peace ...

(How naive? - I told you, it’s fiction.)


  1. I'm really hoping the old adage 'Night is darkest just before dawn' is the case here with American politics - it sure can't get much darker.

    The first poem hits deep.

  2. Sean, they are very moving poems.

    They are deep, precise and clear … they will never to be published in any Murdoch printed media.


  3. Janice,
    I'd like to agree, but I am not sure.

    Double thanks for your last five words! :)

    The second poem is 'too strange'.
    Nothing against being strange, but sometimes/often/mostly it's much better to be succinct, i.e. to cut 'it' short.

    Thank you very much, indeed.

    When writing them I knew the first was precise, and I hoped the second would be understood.
    But Janice is right - without saying it: The second is ... how to say? ... too strange.

    Anyway, I'd be a bloody liar if I said your kind words were no balsam for my heart. :)