Friday, March 21, 2008

Wishing long rotting testicles

You want to get rid of your husband/wife or any other rival; of a neighbour whose nose you dont't like, your mother-/father/brother-/sister-in law. Lucky you are when living in China.

It's people's war, folks. 'High noon' for 'informers'. Ah, denunciation. Ah, how wonderful. A highlight of civilisation.

The Dalai Lama? Oh well. (Almost) always smiling and friendly. Playing 'his role' almost perfectly.
What "His always smiling Peacefulness" would not say: Tibet was not heaven before 1950. Buddhism is not peace-loving 'per se'.

But it's quite logic what happens.

You can supress people for many years, many generations of them; it may last 50 years, hundred years, several hundred years - somewhen the day will come!

Well, I wish to the Chinese government and especially to all those regional criminals who are terrorizing what they think are 'their' people, the same I wish to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et. al.: may they become several hundreds years old and may their testicles be painfull rotting all the time.

Yes, I am humanist. Yes, I do like people. In general.
And I am still not swearing, would you agree? :)


  1. Being a sweet, refined, and old(read as young)lady I cannot comment on long rotting -choke, gasp, choke - testicles :)

  2. I would normally wish some peoplea long and miserable life. Long rotting testicles could definitely play a part, especially if they bounce off the floor....

  3. Sean, I like your wishes.

    Please elaborate ... What do you wish for Condi Rice and Tzipi Livni?

  4. Lady Janice,
    That it one reason I felt a bit embarrassed, when reading you calling me 'Sir'. :))

    Imagining the 'bouncing off' makes me chuckle, which is very probably - look above - not 'Sir-like'. :)

    I suppose I should not like you like my wishes. :)

    As for your question: There are some ladies on this planet who'd let me ignore my good manners.
    But actually, I cannot imagine myself wishing myself anything bad to a woman.
    :) And, please, do not ask why. I'd not know a proper answer.
    Perhaps only a woman would know to imagine the answer. :)