Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just a short note

Ladies, gentlemen, friends.

Friday morning I got up, felt ill,
after hours went down to mother-in-law
and asked for a pill.

Afterwards I visited little brother death,
i.e. I slept all day, all night,
fortunately woke up again,
feeling slightly allright.


This short note just to let you know it seems not impossible that I'll be back soon. :)

May health be on you.


  1. Indeed hope you feel better soon Sir Sean. A pleasant weekend to you.

  2. Sean, you exhausted yourself with your posting marathon.

    I hope you are feeling well soon.

    I am surprised to see my favourite haiku/artist blog friend here. I did not know you were acquainted but she gives daily delight to so many of us and I'm sure you appreciate her too.

  3. I am sorry to hear that you will be spending your Easter break in bed.

    Hope that you feel better soon!
    Happy Easter and Get well wishes!

  4. :) Thank you very much, Lady Janice.

    no, definitively not.

    Your good wishes are most welcome, though.; and 'needed': Thank you.

    As for your surprise: Guess whose blogroll presented me this 'serendipity'?
    Another reason to thank you, Mylady. My thoughts are with you on your journey. May the 'old scientest' and you wholeheartedly enjoy. :)

    thanks a lot, my friend. Good to have you.

  5. i dont get it. did you visit the dead?

    well, i hope you come back soon.

  6. Hope that you are lovely once again. I could use a few more days of rest. I am exhausted after four days of chore, which were supposed to be holidays, but ended up being house task orientated.

  7. SH,
    çok nazik, teşekkür ederim. :)

    Sorry about confusing you. Here the sleep is sometimes refered to as 'the little death' or 'the little brother of death'.

    Actually, I'd prefer to not meet sleeps 'big brother' very soon. :)

    Yakında görüşmek üzere!

  8. Colin,
    thanks lot. Indeed, I'd rather helped you with your 'chore'; you'd have had at least two days off, and I had been fit. :)
    Kind regards to down under.

  9. Hope you feel better soon, dear Sean. You had me worried there!

  10. Welsh,
    grazie per la tua bene auguri. :)

  11. thanks for explaining. i should better not forget this, because, being a trasnlator, i may need it one day.

  12. To my shock and eternal shame, I see I haven't commented here but was here earlier.

    Now I've commented. This is life shattering.

  13. and i always thought the 'little death' was a reference to sex, that'll learn me.

    hope you're better anyway

  14. :) Thank you, James - thrice. I knew without words your good thoughts would be with me.

    ha ha; although I know there exists also this connotation, no second I did think of what I do call 'an expedition to Venus'. :)
    Thanks for your good wishes.

    The same goes for you all, again.
    Thanks a lot. May your good wishes be my eyes' command. :)